Received a good question from a firefighter in the San Bernandino California area. He's asking about getting good research info as he tries to create a department airbag training drill. Here's the question and my suggestions.

"We are teaching a class on airbag systems. We have your article March 2001 Firehourse magazine. Is there any other information out there that we can get our hands on. Your asistance would be great.

My reply-
Additional airbag-related information can be found on the <> website. Check out the University of Extrication section, especially the 'archives' of past articles. There you'll find almost all my previously published articles in the U/E series since 1997.

Airbag articles include individual features on one type of airbag or airbag system as well as some multi-part series that go into great depth on airbag systems.

Probably one important series you should use to develop your airbag training is the series I did on airbag identification. It included details on airbag "scanning", airbag "IDs" and the 10"-18"-5" inflation zones. That is critical, life-saving information.

That three-part series began in Fall of 1998 at is archived online at this url .
Ron Moore
Fire Training Manager
Plano (TX) Fire Rescue
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