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    This weekend myself and two other instructors had the pleasure of providing instructional services for an advanced vehicle extrication (heavy trucks and school bus extrication) program for Monroe Volunteer Fire Department, Monroe, CT.

    The program was hosted by the Monroe Junior Corps, Monroe Fire Department, Monroe, CT. This is the first I have herd of a Junior Corps in our area up north. Not only was I impressed with the sincere professionalism of the entire Monroe Fire & Rescue and other attendees, but that of fifteen year old, Captain Chris Krize, Monroe Fire Department Junior Corps, who almost single handed pulled things together securing the services of a class-D wrecker, daily refreshments, vehicles and meals Extrication.Com with (3)instructors, who provided training to 35 adult firefighters to advance their training and at the same time provide additional funds for the department's use as an organizational fund rasier.

    The program was opened to those regular members of the Monroe Fire Department who already met the requirements of a basic extrication program, which they must have attend within the last two years, and prior to that of this program.

    Then any open slots for the program were opened to other communities willing to send members to fill out the rooster. Among those attending the program were the Chiefs of many communities including that of the Webster MA Fire Department and members Alexander New York Fire Department who also attend a total of four intense days of instruction from the basics to advanced skills levels.

    Those members that needed a refresher or hand never taken a basic program were given the opportunity to attend at special class held in Plymouth, MA, two days prior to the Monroe program. Of the limit class of 12 students, two came from Alexander, NY for the program just to be able to attend the Monroe extrication. One of the highlites included a simulated truck fire while performing an extrication.

    The Monroe program included extended night operations until after 5 PM under the lights of a heavy rescue truck and some "Die Hard" extrication specialists! The program ended the second day with a live burn of a commercial bus, yes it was a spectacular sight!

    These are just some of the ideas to draw interest into your program. However, remember live fire training can be deadly, adhere to a recognized standard such as those recommended by the NFPA.

    Again, I have to praise the professialism of the brothers & sisters who took part in this evolution. It took less than 90 seconds for the intense thick black smoke to engulf the entire bus, and another 3.5 minutes and the entire bus flashed over. Nothing would have survived, it was a good learning experience for all of us, yes including myself.

    I think the township of Monroe and surrounding communities of Trumbull, Shelton, Long Hill, Stevenson and Webster, MA and Alexander, NY who sent crews and apparatus, should all be proud of their professionals. And yes I said professionals, once we put on a uniform or turnout gear their is nothing that separates any of us except in the professional manner in which we perform our work. Trust me when I tell you, these firefighters are some of the best of the best, I'd be proud to hold a line or spreader with any of them!

    This was an excellent way to provide training and at the same time to reduce outside training expenses and still provide a profit for needed equipment.

    Should you desire to accomplish a similar fund raiser you may contact Chris for some pointers at:

    Email: [email protected]

    Christopher Krize
    Monroe Jr Corps
    POB 246
    Monroe, CT 06468

    Ron Shaw

    Ron Shaw

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