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  • Harvey Grant Award

    I would just like to congratulate Mr.Ron Moore for receiving the Harvey Grant Award at the recently held 17th International Extrication Competition and Learning Symposium in Louisville Kentucky.

    Ron, you are most deserving of this award!!!
    See you in Burlington, Ontario in 2001.

    Mike & Chris McNamara

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    Ron has dedicated a life time of helping others by his informational lectures, book(s) and through Firehouse-U.

    Personally knowing Ron, I can honestly say Moore doesn't go looking for credit for what he does. I have been to many programs with Ron, he always seems to draw peoples interest especially when they have attended before. Ron has an appeal to most everyone, similar to JFK or other noted figure.

    You can see it in the attendees eyes and I am sure this is what Moore seeks for his reward. Now that he has the Harvey Grant Aard, what can he do to top this?

    Congradulations Little Tex!


    Ron Shaw http://www.extrication.com

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      Yes, Ron is deserving of this award! CONGRATULATIONS Ron!


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        Let me Add my Congrats too. For those of you that KNOW ME and my position in the Rescue Business YOU can Blame this Award Winner. Yup that is Right I Knew him When, Back in 1980 when I took one of my first Resuce Classes with Ron when he worked for NYS-OFPC! You've come a Long way ROn and I know you are still going. Congratulations again and I Looking forward to the NEXT 20 years!

        Carl D. Avery


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          I have also had the privilage of taking one of Ron Moores courses. I even brought his book with me to have him autograph it. The receipt of the "Harvey Grant" award just solidifies my first impression of Ron. His knowledge and continued reasearch in the vehicle extrication field have undoubtedly saved many lives.
          Congratulations Ron!!!

          Bill Spirka, Capt.
          Wilmington Fire Dept.


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            Ron , congadulation from all of us here. You are most deserving of this award.
            Ron is 1 who research old & new ideas to the max. He is 1 who will sit down & talk to anyone about Extrication. He will also answer any question you might have. He is not 1 to with hold info or ideas from you and will share info with all. He is also a great family man & loves his wife , son's , family & friends.
            Ron I enjoy talking , reading info & attending your seminars & classes that you share with all.
            Keep up the good work and once again Congradulations you are most deserving.

            Jim & Carole Greene


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              Thank you to all my friends and fellow rescuers who have posted in this Message Forum. I appreciate your kind remarks and am humbled as I receive this award.

              The bronze cast statue is a real conversation piece at work right now. It is a very realistic figure of a rescuer with protective gear on, holding a power spreader in a stance as if he were getting ready to force a door. the realism is impressive. Probably stands over a foot tall.

              A local newspaper crew is coming on Tuesday to do a photo shoot. They're impressed that in August the chief of our fire department, Chief Peterson, received the IAFC Fire Chief of the Year award and now, two months later, I receive the Harvey Grant Award for Excellence in Rescue. Must be something in the water in Plano!

              What I am most proud to talk about regarding my award is that at the International Competition in Louisville this month, Chief Peterson and my supervisor, Chief Caldwell, the number 2 chief of the department, flew in for the day just to be with me at the Awards Banquet.

              Also, in the year 2003, the Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee (TERC) will celebrate their 20th annual extrication competition. The event will be held during the IAFC Fire Rescue International conference for the first time ever. Ironically, the IAFC conference will be held in Dallas Texas.

              Chief Peterson has pledged to the IAFC and TERC that Plano Fire Rescue will be the host department to run this 20th Anniversary Competition. The event will take place across the street from the Dallas Convention Center where all the 2003 IAFC workshops, meetings and the huge exhibit hall is located.

              Thanks everyone. Let's plan on getting together in Dallas in 2003 if not sooner. It will be a vehicle rescue event like you've never seen before!

              Ron Moore


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