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    Our department runs with extrication equipmnet on our engines. Space is an issue. We are looking for a list of extrication equipment carried by other departments who carry extrication equipment on their engines.

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    My engine carries one combo tool and one small "O" cutter with a gas motor. Some of the newer engines in my area are now rescue engines that have a large variety of items that they can deploy on minor to moderate mvc's to stabilize the vehicle and gain access to the patient until the HDR gets on scene.


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      Our engine that responds to car accidents carries a combination cutter/spreader tool, medium sized ram, and the portable power unit. Anything else that we might need is following us on the heavy rescue truck.

      **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**


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        A Posting From Ron Moore, Forum Moderator


        In Plano, we have 11 engine companies. As structural response pieces, they carry all the required firefighting stuff just like any other engine.

        All our engines are paramedic engine companies. Therefore, one entire compartment and a portion of another is occupied with the advanced life support gear including 12-lead.

        These crews are also our primary and first-due extrication company for vehicle crashes in their districts. Truck companies also respond if there is suspected or confirmed entrapment.

        Here's a look at what we put on the engines for their use at extrication calls;

        Full hydraulic rescue tool system-
        dedicated spreader(not a combi-type tool)
        dedicated cutter
        short and medium ram
        simultaneous operation powerplant
        two 100' hose reels

        two step chocks (enough to quickly crib at least one side until the Truck arrives)

        one crate of assorted 2x4 and 4x4 individual cribbing and some wedges

        forcible entry tools (Halligan/flathead axe)

        Glas Master windshield saw w/center punch

        cordless electric reciprocating saw

        tool box of hand tools

        We mount our hydraulic systems either in the rear tailboard compartment or the rearmost compartment on the driver's side of the engine.

        Gear to protect and treat the patient is already onboard due to the EMS function of the engine.

        With this relatively light inventory of extrication tools, our crews can complete 90% of more of our entrapments. Remember, there are 10 more identical sets in the City ready to be special-called to the scene if needed.

        The Truck companies arrive next bringing more cribbing, more saws, hydraulic jacks, high pressure air bags, another electric generator, more portable lighting, four more firefighters, and the ability to get through just about whatever is thrown at us.

        Let us all know what inventory you finally decide upon for your apparatus.

        Ron Moore,
        Fire Training Manager
        Plano (TX) Fire Rescue
        <[email protected]>


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          When a company has only a small or medium
          ram on their truck, The TarHEEL Ram Stabilizer would be a nice addition to the
          lineup. Because The TarHEEL can be placed
          anywhere on the rocker panel of the vehicle, it would allow for full travel of the ram against the metal when pushing a dash. www.thetarheel.com


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            When you have a small truck such as a Ford F-550 with a rescue bed that contains 5 compartments what would you suggest to fill those compartments with (resuce tools)?

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