I am looking for anyone who has had any unusual experiences with the gas fill line on 1997 Saturn station wagons. Last week we responded to an accident involving 5 vehicles. The Saturn was struck from behind by a small MG sports car, pushing in the rear bumper and causing light to moderate damage. The impact was enough to break the drivers seat, causing it to recline. Some five to ten minutes after F.D. arrival, while stabilizing the Satrun, there was an explosion of gas vapor from the fill line. The gas flap blew open as the pressure from the fuel cell caused the cap to separate. The fill line cap is two pieces, the outer cap which you grip when removing and the threaded portion which screws into the fill neck. The outer cap forced the flap open, although the threaded portion remained in place. The force of the explosion shattered the rear side window of the Saturn. Fortunately there was no ignition source and no fire resulted. The fuel cell is protected by a skid plate so we were unable to examine the cell itself. There was no leakage of fuel in a liquid form detected.
I have called the Saturn customer service line without much help. They are unwilling to pursue the matter because I am not the owner. The only chance of this getting attention is if the owner takes the car to a Saturn dealer and the mechanic reports it. We are attempting to track the cars whereabouts. I will also be contacting the Federal Consumer Safety Board, but was hoping to find others with a similar experience. Thanks!