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A National Extrication Drill

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  • A National Extrication Drill

    A Posting From Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

    For structural firefighters, the NFPA has a minimum performance standard for initial fire attack. In that document, typical fireground assignments are outlined along with how long it should take a crew to complete these tasks.

    For a Training Officer, this is great information. Using the Standard as your starting point, you can put your crews through their paces and see how long it takes them to perform the assignments. Then you compare your elapsed times with the NFPA times and see where you stand.

    Could we ever have a "National" extrication drill that would do the same thing for rescue crews? I think so.

    In the September, October, November and December issues of Firehouse magazine, I'll run a 4-part series called the "Phases of Rescue" This is what Doug MacDonald from Renton Washington FD was referring to in a previous posting.

    The Phases of Rescue series will give Training Officers everything they need to conduct drills using their own crews and their own equipment. It is conducted in the privacy of your own department.

    The Phases drill will allow for comparison of your elepsed times for jobs like stabilization, door removal, roof removal, etc to what I have found is the unofficial average times for fire departments in North America.

    I've researched this now for over three years, conducting the Phases drill at seminars from the NorthEast to the West coast and everywhere in between.

    How do you compare? Do you get an "A", an "Average" or a "Needs Improvement" rating? Well, my proposal for a National Extrication Drill, the 'Phases of Rescue' drill, will give you the chance to find out. Stay tuned.

    Ron Moore,
    Fire Training Manager
    Plano (TX) Fire Rescue
    [email protected]

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    This was a great article and very helpful for a person who is currently doing this on a quarterly basis. Keep the great ideas coming and I look forward to your future articles.

    Doug McDonald
    Renton Fire Dept.


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