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    Some inside scoop for everyone who participates regularly in our U of E Forums:

    As you may have noticed over the weekend, Ron Moore is taking a more active role in the Forums as Firehouse.Com expands into the future! We're excited to have Ron play an integral role in the growth of the site and the rescue component.

    In addition to a revamped section of his previous archives, we'll be adding new archives, new content, more forum time and even scheduled chats in the future.

    Visit Firehouse.Com's University of Extrication at its new home at http://www.firehouse.com/extrication and look for more information and interaction over the coming months.

    Thanks for your continued support
    Firehouse.Com WebTeam

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    Hi guys, I'm glad to hear the good news. I've been a little busy but when I get a couple of seconds, I like to take a peak to see what's new.
    I like the idea of the Live Chats.
    Ron Moore must have put on a Great Driving class in Plano. He was doing up to 15 MVA's a day. That is what keeps him so busy.
    This is all good news & I look forward to the day it starts.
    Keep up the good work.

    Jim Greene



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      A Sneak Preview from Forum Moderator Ron Moore

      One new feature soon to be introduced in the University of Extrication section of firehouse.com is a feature referred to as "You Make the Call".

      It will be a training segment that allows you and your EMS and rescue crew members to test your extrication decision-making skills.

      You will review selected images of actual vehicle crashes and then make a 'decision' by answering a training question presented within the scenario. After properly completing the question, you are allowed to learn more about the scenario along with viewing more images from the crash. At each stage of the incident, you are given the circumstances of the incident and asked to 'Make The Call'. A new scenario for you to evaluate will be introduced each week online. Message Forum postings will allow for discussion and interaction on each "You Make The Call" program.

      It's official. You can now be an online 'Monday Morning Quarterback' just like you've always wanted to be.

      Stay tuned to the University of Extrication section of this website for the release of our first scenario.

      Ron Moore
      Fire Training Manager
      Plano (TX) Fire Rescue
      (214) 728-6776


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