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  • New X-Tractor cutters

    I know that it is early in the game yet but has anyone bought and tried the new Hurst X-Tractor Cutters? We are a stedfast Hurst Dept. and are looking into these cutters to give us more cutting power than the model "O" does. Supposedly this new cutter will cut anything!? Will it do Nader Pins or Hinges? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Bill Spirka
    Wilmington Fire Dept.

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    Hey Spirk, our dept. cuts the hinges most of the time instead of popping them with the spreaders, it messes up the blades on the O cutters so we bought the ML50 cutters, the opening is smaller, but the blades are super tough.

    We have used them several times on hinges, and steering columns, and nader pins, we have not even put a scratch in the blades,

    This tool is preconnected on our rig, cause it will handle 90% of the stuff we do, since we use cip saws for post cuts the hydraulic cutters are mainly used for the hinges.

    As always cut it, spread it, or get out of the way.


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      You should not have a problem cutting hinges or pins, however, as with any tool there is a proper way to cut hinges so not to cause exessive damage to the cutting blades. Any basic extrication instructor should be able to show you the proper way to do this.

      If you want the spec, here they are:

      Operating Press: 5,000
      28 inch L
      11 inch W
      7.3 inch H
      Cutter Opening: 6.19 or 159 mm
      Cutting Force: 38,000 lb or 172 kn
      71,700 lb or 319 kn at notch
      39 lb or 18 kg Wt

      The ML-75 are the next step down with regards to force at the blade center. I haven't used them yet, I will be soon getting a demo tool, give me an email in a month and I'll let you know how they work.

      As far as cutting anything, I think we all know that is impossible, but I was told that they are pretty remarkable.

      The JL 50 also has a 38,000 lb at the cutter center as well, but the cutter opening in the blades are much smaller.

      Ron Shaw,

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        Cutting steering columns.... >>>>> shudder <<<<<

        Richard Nester
        Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.


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          We were using a new demo loaner Hurst X-tractor cutter and the blade sheared off flying @ 10 feet away (the blade broke diagonally from @ 1" from notch to @ 1" from the tip' outside edge)

          We were cutting a Ford ranger pick up rocker panel relief cut when it let loose.
          Had cut multiple "A" & "B" post cuts on a honda along with pie cuts in the roof margin.

          INCIDENTLY a TNT CUTTER was on the other side of the cars making the identical cuts.
          The TNT continued on with the drill.

          Sparkill FD - [email protected]


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            Cutter blades do, on occasion, break. There isn't a tool mfg out there that haven't broke a set of blades at some point.

            "Performance IS Everything"


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              Outstanding, is the best word to describe the X-Tractor. I had the opportunity to use the X-Tractor at the Midwestern Regional Extrication Competition in Cherry Valley, IL and again in Dearborn, MI during the RAFT Competition. Ford Motor Company provided 2000 and 2001 vehicles for both of these competitions. These vehicles use plenty of HSLA steel in their construction. From
              F-350 trucks and Lincoln Towne Cars to Taurus', the X-Tractor was able to sever roof-posts, pillar-posts, hinges and nader pins with ease.


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                My volunteer department just had a demo by the Hurst rep in our area and we were very impressed by the X-Tractor. We cut two cars into pieces, used the tool all day and never had a problem cutting anything. The rep cut two nadder pins and two steering columns for show without any problem. We like the tool because it has a little larger opening than the ML 50 does, allowing you to get a bigger bite on what you are cutting, saving time from having to make two cuts. The chief liked it so much he said we needed to purchase one A.S.A.P. I think that if you get a chance to use one you will be sold on it as well.



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                  To all who replied:

                  Thanks for the input!! We have done even more research on the cutter locally and as of this date we have one on order. I am hoping it will help bridge the gap between the old cars and the new.

                  MetalMedic, don't worry, we dont' cut steering columns! Never have, never will.

                  I'll let everyone know if this tool lives up to my expectations. Take care ans stay safe.


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