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Hurst vs Holmatro

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    How about it Chief Klir? Since this topic was introduced June '99 and held interest until march 2000, what did you decide?


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      O.K. - I couldn't help myself - I had to jump in the fray.

      First off -
      If your thinking of switching brands of tools - be sure to compair Apples to Apples. Just like everythnig else - Tool technology changes. It has to - it's trying to keep us even with or ahead of Automotive technology.

      You can't say "We're going to buy new Brand X tools because our older than dirt Brand Y tools don't have the power the new tools do"

      Well duh. Cars built 10 years ago wern't built out of the high strength materials they are today.

      If you really want new tools - look at EVERY brand of new tools and compare them on a level field.

      I, just like everyone else here, have my favorite brand of tool - but thats MY opinion - based on MY preferences - things might not be the same for you. (These are the things that make us individuals - the jobs we do are what make us Brothers and Sisters)

      Second -
      In this thread and in another started in this forum - I see a lot of people wanting some type of "un-biased" side by side comparison of tools - well here's your shot to get it. After I read the other thread and saw BC White's comments about getting Consumer Reports to do a tool review, I decided that it's time we all stood together and made our ideas heard. Soooo I e-mailed Consumer Reports requesting a tool review and now I challenge each of you to do the same.

      Take Care - Stay Safe

      {Note - this post was in no way, shape, or form intended to offend or berate any person or persons, past or present, alive or dead, real or fictitious. These are merely my feelings on the subject. I ask only that you respect my opinion as I have respected yours. Also I am NOT affiliated with nor related to any tool designer, builder or dealer.}

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        We have had Holmatro for ten years now with
        very little problems. We are in NW Illinois, so that does include a fair amount of cold weather use. My biggest testimony to their
        endurance will be the time our pump fell out the back door of the rescue truck going down the street(oops!). When it quit rolling,we picked it up and used it. Nothing against any other brand, Holmatro will stay in our department.


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              Hurst Jaws of Life tools are the standard in most of the world. We have been tested, certified and copied throughout the world.

              Hurst is compliant with world wide regulations Including:

              - US Air Force Compliance Testing PD-89 VRG08

              - US Navy Certification Testing

              - DIN 14 751 Part 1 - Spreaders

              - DIN 14 751 Part 2 - Cutters

              - Din 14 751 Part 3 - Rams

              - French Rescue Tool Standard NF S 61-571

              - ANSI B30.9 - Hurst Chain Assemblies

              - JIC Standard - Hand Held Hydraulics

              - ML-1-45208A

              - SAE J517C 100R-8

              - ISO 9001

              - ISO 14001

              - NFPA 1936

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                Why Holmatro, our neighboring department uses Holmatro, we worked a MVA recently with them and they were beginning to extricate the pt. out of the car. took them nearly 15 mins to cut the car open when our hurst could have had the pt. out in 5-8 minutes we tried to get them to let us cut them out, talk about delaying transport,


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                  I am wondering also why you would want to switch from Hurst. We had a basic vehicle rescue class and the one company that was there had Holmatro and they were bad. We broke the cutter and our Hurst just out performed them.


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