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  • F.a.s.t. B.e.l.l.

    Received this interesting email from a Virginia firefighter. I want to share it's content plus reveal the author's contact information. Please comment on this training initiative either here or by contacting the author directly. He needs to hear what we all think of this training concept.

    I enjoy reading your articles and find them very informative. I have come up with a pneumonic that I teach my students that helps identify and take steps to mitigate hazards assoc. with Vehicle Rescue. I thought maybe you'd like to share it with your readers.

    F.A.S.T. B.E.L.L.

    F - Fire, Have at least a 11/2" charged hose line (with foam capabilities) attended to at all times.

    A - Airbags, Locate SRS logos, stay clear of potential paths of the airbag and disconnect the battery.

    S - Seat Belt Tensioners, Unplug or Cut the Seat Belt and avoid cutting the tensioners.

    T - Traffic, Position apparatus to protect the scene from traffic, and remain alert to your surroundings at all times.

    B - Bumpers, Be aware of Bumpers that may pop out. Stand clear of them, and during car fires, avoid walking directly in there path, or parking directly in their path.

    E - Electrical, Let the Utility Companies handle downed lines. Park at least two intact poles away, and assume all downed lines are live until told otherwise by the Utility Company.

    L - Liquids, Place proper absorbents on liquids, observe and maintain footing around liquids. Contact Hazmat personnel if appropriate.

    L - Locate, Locate additional hazards (ie. Placards, Animals, etc) and Locate additional patients by observing clues (ie. two briefcases in a car with one person it, evidence of possible ejection)

    I hope you find this as a good basic tool to get peoples mind on the right track.

    I am a Vehicle Extrication Instructor for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am a Paramedic with the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, where I am also the Sergeant of Squad Truck Operations. I am also a Firefighter/Paramedic with the City of Portsmouth, VA..

    Thank You,

    JASON STROUD [[email protected]]
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Looks good. Thank you for sharing.


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