Greetings I have recently created a new email group in yahoo dedicated to the sharing of information for Special Operations Perofessionals. This group will provide resources to first responders who deal with all aspects of Special Operations and Technical Rescue. USAR, Hazmat, WMD, Confined Space, Trench, Rope, H2O, & Collapse. It is open to any first responder but is geared towards the spec. ops / USAR specialist.
This list was created as a tool for Special Operations professionals so that they may communicate ideas and exchange information with each other. Topics like your latest incident so that we
May learn about things we might never get the chance to encounter. SOP/SOG discussion to give newly forming teams some blueprints to work
With. Just about anything that has to do with Special Operations and Technical Rescue is discussed here, it’s your tool and imaginations the limit.

Vendors and manufacturers are prohibited from advertising products or services on the list seeing as you are not unbiased. The only acceptable time is if you have specific information about a product(s) list members are inquiring about, or if you have a little known comparable product and unbiased testing or opinions to release. If you have information on a new innovative technology then posting that information is acceptable. This list was created for discussion, the exchange of information and ideas in the Special Operations community not a selling medium for vendors and

To join just send an email to:
[email protected]