A few weeks ago pipe bombs exploded at the headquarters of Chiron Corporation, a biotech firm in Emeryville, California. Afterwards, a group claimed responsibility for the bombing and announced it would target Chiron's employees at their homes.

For nineteen years, I have been targeted by persons who have threatened my life, stalked me, and set explosions at locations I frequent in Oakland, Concord, Walnut Creek, and San Francisco. The first explosion occurred in 1984. The most recent explosion occurred at 3:09 a.m. last Saturday morning.

I have been targeted because of my past work on medical computer systems at Kaiser HMO. At Kaiser, I was described as a "walking hostage," told to take a different route to work each day, and informed that one person responsible for intimidating me was so dangerous she warranted twenty-four hour surveillance.

I have opened a web site describing the threats and criminal activity I encountered arising from my employment. My homepage is heavily critical of hospital data processing, but that is not where I want to direct your attention today. Rather, I want you to understand how difficult it is to stop random acts of terror directed at individuals. The police are stretched too thin to reliably stop terrorist attacks on Chiron's employees.

Please feel free to read my own account of my experiences at
Criminal Activity at Kaiser HMO Computer Center