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  • srt?

    Hello I'am looking to start a srt team for the my dept I'am looking for outside ideas for an organized response system. we are a rural area with a flooding issue. (go figure)
    looking for ideas on the following:
    equip storage and packaging
    not really looking for techniques do to our unique lay out. It will be up to pre planning, continuous training and commitment of the team members.
    as I said any input would be Greatly appreciated.

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    Originally posted by rpcrady
    Hello I'am looking to start a srt team
    Since SRT usually designates a police SWAT-type team, and you've posted in the spec. rescue thread, I'm wondering if you mean a Single Rope Technique Team (but I doubt it).

    If you spell out more clearly what you team's response functions are and what kind of rescues you expect to do, then perhaps members could offer helpful responses.

    - Robert
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      I think he means a Swift-water Rescue Team. They are also called SRT's up here.

      This can be a very elaborate assignment, so the first thing I would suggest is to seek out an active team in your area to model yourselves after. There may be complications to dispatching and responding on the water, and possibly outside your district. There has to be a lot of research first, to make sure that your system works.

      Here, we have recently formed a combined TRT (Tech Rescue Team) in our dept that includes SRT. We assign responsibility for the team to a Senior Captain, and he arranges training and spec's equipment purchases, as well as drafting SOG's where required (This is still underway).

      As for packaging, we have throw bags on every truck and the other basic gear in our F-350 light rescue (i.e. throw bags, PFD's, helmets, ropes, etc). We utilize additional large duffels with the rests of the bulky stuff on a shelf in the bay. A bigger truck to hold most everything would be nice, but extra gear can be grabbed quickly on the way out as required.

      Our TRT membership trains (or at least tries to) once monthly at a special half-day session.
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        thank you for your input

        not referring to a swat team in srt Swift Water Rescue Team. all the in put sounds great. similar to the system i am emeploying here. i have a good out line of what i want. We have the PFD equiipment but not the rope rescue stuff. I still need stuff for high lines and what not, all this equipment is forthcoming. I am looking for administrative direction as well as tactics and equipment placement.

        If any one has any good ideas i am willing to try any thing in my area there are no comparible teams because there are not any. just in the cities near by. the majority of there rescues are from the bayous, ditches and rivers not low water crossings and creeks.
        thanks again


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