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    Just wanted to see who all had search and rescue teams out there that were made up by many different depts. in a county or area. We have been kicking the idea around of starting something like this. It would aid 15 Fire depts.,11 are all volunteer and the other 4 are combination municipal depts. The original thougt was a R.I.T. but now we feel we could better serve and justify it if we had a technical rescue team also. I know there is so much involved in this but I would just like to hear some input and see some stuff from different depts. that have done this. Any and all info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Matt Griffin
    Eastern Chilton County Division of Fire, Rescue, and EMS, Station 91.

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    Locally we were able to create a technical rescue team through the cooperation of a number of Fire Depts. Manpower comes from trained personnel from departments throughout the county. Big equipment purchases were made by four departments who agreed to be major funders of our efforts. Those departments purchsed Paratech struts, SABA, air carts, trench panels, tripods, and so on. That equipment is carried on Rescue apparatus from those companies. One company purchased a trailer that is set up to be a command post and also carries lumber and trench related equipment. Technical rescue incidents involving collapse, trench, or confined space receive a task force response which brings manpower and equipment from multiple companies together under task force leadership to support the local jurisdiction. This took many years of work to accomplish.


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      Your best bet would be to contact VA-TF1 they would the closest to you for info...


      Perks Work: (703) 815-5523

      Fairfax Urban Search & Rescue Task Force Fax: (703) 803-2119

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      Now to become a full FEMA-USAR team is an up-hill battle but to be a local USAR team is the best way to go, get your feet wet and go from there...... From the sounds of it your on the right track.
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