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Technical Rescue Task Force

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  • Technical Rescue Task Force

    Hello new poster so I apologize in advance.
    I work for a small district department in a parish made up of many districts. We are trying to form a specialized rescue task force for multiple types of specialized rescue. We are in the very early stages of forming a task force and I was looking for guidance or advice on how to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I know it's been a couple of months since this was posted, but I figured I would help answer if possible, as well as obtain some more information

    What exactly are your goals? Yes, I understand you want to form a rescue task force, but what is the reason? what issues are causing you want to do this?

    I am going to make some assumptions here about what you are thinking, so if I am wrong, please correct me.
    1) you are several small districts all over the parish, with neither the funding nor manpower to cover every specialized rescue topic individually
    2) your trying not to recreate the wheel, and are hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls of those who have done this beforehand.
    3) you are trying to not have a single point of failure, and decentralize your resources

    If I am correct on all three, congratulations, you are several steps ahead of many "home rule" departments.

    My first suggestion is to divide up all the specialized rescue areas into what you want to have covered by this "task force," This can include high and low angle, trench, heavy machinery / agricultural, structural collapse, swift water, or anything else you want to cover. Then I would assign two departments (on opposite sides of the parish) for each specialty, giving you some level of redundancy, as well as a way to divide up all the equipment that will be needed. Each department would be responsible for obtaining all the required equipment, as well as training their personnel.

    Then, from a dispatch side, the local fire district should be called to any rescue calls in their first due area, which also means all members of every departments should have at least awareness levels. Based on your particular size, you can also call the task force departments to bring equipment and manpower, and the home department can always cancel if they are not needed.

    Also, depending on how your system is set up, you can have a separate rescue dispatch notification set up, so any time a tech rescue task force is requested, members from all over the county are notified and can respond to the scene if not their department, or to the station to pick up apparatus if it is their departments.

    Hope some of this helps.
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