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OK brothers and sisters, go rescue him!

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  • OK brothers and sisters, go rescue him!

    you pull up to this Arborist, he is 115 ft up unknown reason for not being able to get down. As always worst case and you have no aerial ladder access.. oh and no you cant call for a heli or cut the tree down and drag the body out of the mess! What is your size up report? what will you be adding or having come straight in? What gear will be used and technique used? GO!
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    Hey, no problem...I've read a slew of messages about fire departments choosing to NOT rescue cats...soooooo, let him come down on his own!! When he gets hungry he'll come down, isn't that what some guys say about cats?? My cats are my kids and I take care of them as such. This guy is not related to me so why should I worry about him??


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      Gaining access to the subject will be the hardest part, looking at the tree from this angle. Probably start with the tallest extension ladder available and then use a combination of climbing techniques, trailing a belay line from below and placing slings for anchors along the climb at branches. So on the climb carry a supply of slings and carabiners, along with a primary rope to effect the rescue, and either a commercial victim harness or a 30 section of webbing to create a harness on the subject. Probably has on an arborist's belt/harness, but there are no guarantees in this case. So climb to the subject, set up a false crotch anchor higher than the subject with either a carabiner or a steel ring, place the primary rescue line through the ring or carabiner as a double line with both ends of the rope reaching the ground. May have to snake the rope through the branches a little, and may have to manipulate it during the descent. My preference is a brake bar rack, others may prefer a figure eight device. Depends on weight of the load (rescuer and subject) and personal preference. Pick him off and then walk him down the tree, guiding him around the obstacles. The original belay line which was used for fall protection will serve as a safety belay. If there is no extreme hurry getting to the ground, the carabiners and slings can be collected during the descent. If the subject decides to hold on, the weight of two people will generally coerce him into descending. Any equipment which must be left behind can be retrieved with another climb or can be retrieved by the next arborist to work the tree. My inclination is to grab the hardware, and not worry so much about the webbing. The main rope can then be retrieved by pulling on one end and it will feed through the steel link at the top.


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