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  • Rope Rescue Pack setup

    We are re-doing our rope rescue packs, and need some new ideas. We have now taken out of service the current bag, as it did not hold up very well. The pack was a similar to the EVAC SAR pack, but was sold by Rock n rescue with thier name on it. They were OK, but need to be replaced.

    We have them set up a with the following:
    - 200' 1/2" rope
    - 12 large carabiners
    - 2 set of long/short prussik cords
    - 16'/24' webbing
    - adjustable anchor strap
    - two rig paltes one small/ one large
    - figure eight
    -bar rack
    - two gibbs acenders
    - two single prussik minding pulleys

    i may be missing something, but we run with two of these packs as our main first out pack.

    i am looking for information on new bags, and ways to set them up.

    Any pictures or reviews of the way you set up your gear is appreciated.

    A couple of the bags I am looking at are:

    -the Raven tarp EX pack, but is not available right now
    - Conterra Reach pack

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    Rescue Technology USAR TECH II Pack

    Take a look at packs offered by Rescue Technology www.rescuetech1.com.

    We did a field test for their new USAR TECH packs (http://www.rescuetech1.com/usar-tech...pmentpack.aspx) and were quite impressed. They are extrememly durable, have heavy duty zippers, and are offered with either mesh style pockets (a feature we really liked) or with the traditional snaps and webbing. Additionally, they now offer customized embroidery to label your pack.

    Not sure how they stack up on price, but this has been the longest lasting pack we have used.



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      TARP EX Team bags

      Check out the Raven Range of bags, for your application the TARP EX would be great.
      We use this bag for all our team gear (Rope Access or Rescue teams) and find them brilliant.
      Many Fire Dept teams in Canada use these bags, they have taken much abuse due to the job but hold up very well!
      I understand they are no longer being sold under this name but they will be out under a rebranded name soon enough, drop them an email for details.

      Whats the bigger tool - a Dump Truck or the Rope Rescue Instructor that say's "This is how I've been doing it for 20 years....thats why"...........


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        the tarp ex looks awesome, but i talked with rescueresponse.com and they said at least six months till they are ready. But they look great, got any picks of them set up?

        there has to be more pics out there of some other packs set up.

        please share.


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          I think your looking in the right direction. Those manufactures are top notch. Rescue Response Gear is a great group to do business with. I've seen a few guys using Statpacks for rigging bags, but they are more of an EMS mindset.


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