Anyone interested in in becoming a topic facilitator for the Hazmat 101 List email me <br />at [email protected] with your ideas. (Humans will know how to adjust the email adress.)

As a topic facilitator, your name will be included in the list of stewards of the Hazmat 101 List. It wouldn't take any extra time beyond normal participation on the list.

You will get credit and recognition for being a list steward. In addition you (and your employer if you want) can receive free exposure from listing in the list of stewards. In that document, you can include links to websites and professional and school info. You decide on the info.

As topic facilitator, you will identify yourself as expert on, or interested in a specific subject within the scope of the list. When list members post messages about the specific subject, <br />you can volunteer to respond to the message through the list. List members aware of your specific interest may mention your name in their posting in order to draw your attention.

What do you say?

To learn more about the Hazmat 101 List got to:<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

To subscribe to the list, send an empty message to<br />[email protected]