World Response Group, Inc. is a national distributor of the Sandia National Laboratories decontamination solution (DF-100). We offer a full line of decon products for all Chem-Bio threats. As you may already know from CNN, DF-100 has been used to decontaminate Anthrax contaminated buildings in Washington D.C. The Sandia National Laboratories solution has been live agent tested against Soman, VX, Mustard and Anthrax agents. In lab tests the DF-100 has been effective in achieving a 7-log kill 99.99999% after one hour of contact. DF-100 is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmental friendly product that can washed down local storm drains or wiped down when decon is complete. WRG has also introduced a topically approved Chlorine Dioxide based gel. This gel has been significantly tested and proven to kill the Anthrax and Smallpox simulant. WRG is your one source for all your decontamination needs. Please contact us and we will send to you a CD with our company information and a presentation about our products. To contact us directly call (866) 489-9755 or Email: [email protected]