A Brand New Technology.

Anthrax Scare!
Can You Rapidly Test On-site ?
Now You Can!
BTA™ Test Strip A simple, easy-to-use test strip system for rapid, on-site analysis of unknown biological samples... specific test for Anthrax (no cross-reaction to other bacteria) currently available!
Alexeter Technologies, LLC, a privately-held company, develops, manufactures and distributes time-critical technologies for use in collection, detection and identification of unknown biological agents in the environment
Until introduction of the BTA™ Test Strips, government officials had no rapid, on-site means to test unknown samples for the presence of threatening biological agents. Previously, local officials had to wait until test results where reported by centralized Federal or State laboratories, a process that typically takes 12-48 hours. With the BTA™ System, local emergency responders can obtain a preliminary screening test result within minutes of their arrival on the scene. With the preliminary test results, local officials will be able to make more informed decisions about the mode and extent of the emergency response.
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James Whelan, Ph.D.
President and General Manager
Alexeter Technologies, LLC

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