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  • haz-mat team formation

    we are trying to form a team any sugestions on team structure or equipment? and what about SOP's.


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    Your question is awful broad. I can forward a copy of our SOPs if you wish. What type of money do you have for equipment?? What type of vehicle are you going to use??


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      If you need it do it right. Don't skimp on the training. Make sure the bean counters know that not only will there be a huge outlay of money to begin with but that they need to budget annually for training and equipment.

      good luck

      Brian Johnson
      Assistant Chief
      Okinawa, Japan


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        Well i will go out on the limb on this one guys. Most FD in Ontario Canada hasve only Search and Rescue HazMat Capabilites. They are only initial response as the cost and time involved is horrendous.

        Most municiplaites have retained a private contractor or have open lists of capable response companies.

        Caution on who you select, there is alot of junk and high cost ill prepared response Companies that are only after a quick buck, build it up and sell it type of operation.

        Cost to set up and train is $$$$
        What is the outcome that you want, are you going to mitgate the incident, are you going to back bill the offending party etc.

        Are you hauling and disposing of collected waste on the side of the I-90.

        You just can't put the suit on, (which suit first of all) and go in and neutralize HCL and call that HazMat.

        Please take no ofence, but unless your operation can allow a full crew and decontamination personnel to attend and remain on site for some 10-12 hrs, think twice other than Initial response and containment.

        Thanking you,

        Mitchell Gibbs
        Manager, Emergency Services
        "Providing Support Services to Government"


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          I find that I must concur with the response from Mr. Gibbs. The outlay of funds for proper equipment and training can be very prohibitive. And neither can be skimped on. The safety of your people will be of the utmost importance, and will only be as good as the equipment and training provided, as well as the level of dedication of your team members. You should approach Haz-Mat the same way you do so many other things in public safety, with a great deal of trepidation. My recommendation to you would be to contact Haz-Mat teams elsewhere, and attempt to glean information from them on the ways that they appropriate and utilize their resources. If you are serious about entering the Haz-Mat arena, you really have a lot of hard work and research ahead of you before you even think of forming a team and beginning your training.

          Jon Zwanzig
          Lead Technician
          Winnebago County Sheriff's Emergency Response Team
          Rockford, Illinois

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