Hi, I'm a newbie on the forum. I'm a graduate student at UAB's School of Safety Engineering. Although I'm new to the forum I wanted to know if anyone could offer their opinion on the picture I posted below. It's taken at Black Rock Beach in Utah. I was alarmed when I saw that people were lining their campfires with copper slag rock waste (from a nearby EPA Superfund site) run by Kennecott. Should I be alarmed? What happen's when the slag rock heats up around someones campfire? I've tried to find any relevant studies that involve reheating copper slag in an open air environment, to no avail. Keep in mind the slag waste was dumped prior to 1977 at a time when clean air emissions were laxed and flash smelting furnace's were not widely used, which means the slag waste may contain higher amounts of contaminants. Click image for larger version

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