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can some one help me out???

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  • can some one help me out???

    hey everyone, im new to this forum, i have 13 years as an engine man (vollie)and now im thinking of going over seas (iraq) to do the job. where can i get started and what are the better companies out there? what kind of certs does one need? if i dont have them where can i get them. any info would be great. thanks for any info. sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
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    You can find jobs over seas on dodfire.com under the jobs link.

    The requirements are as follows. For Firefighter you need FF1 and 2, Haz MAt Awareness and Ops, and ARFF. For Driver Positions you also need DO pumper, ARFF and maybe Areal. I believe most will require some sort of EMT cert and maybe Haz MAt Tech. I believe Rescue Tech 1 or 2 is also helpful. All certs must be either IFSAC or Pro-Board.

    I believe wackenhut is a major contract in Iraq.



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      to Iraq...

      Yes Wackenhut is one contract company and you can find US Gov jobs on these links
      htpp://www.csc.com do a simple job search on this site for ff, ems etc
      http://www.indeed.com has contractor jobs list announcements
      As with any job search, the results will depend on how info is put in.
      IE: firefighter, ems, fire service
      These contract sites will enable you to reach a successful tour in iraq and of course you might concider the National guard or us army and they will get you any additional training.

      Either way Best of luck in your adventure and Be safe
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