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New to the forum and nervous

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  • New to the forum and nervous

    Hi everyone. Thanks for having me.

    I'm not a fire fighter, nor do I play one on TV (ha ha). My name is Steve, I work for LMNO TV in Encino California. We're a reality/documentery TV production company. My job is to find stories for a Home and Garden show I'm working on. I've been to some forums and was welcomed with open arms, while other forums basically told me to F off. So I'll tread lightly.

    We're doing a home show, and one of our stories is about a guy with a really great "guy room" in his house. He's also a retired firechief. The story itself has nothing to do with him being a firefighter, but we try to find common threads in our stories to find more. If we have to really good stories, and both guys are firefighters, then...so on and so forth. Basically, are firefighters and other EMS professionals also the do-it-yourselfers who would have really cool rooms in their house for our show.

    I also wanted to get the word out about the show, and possibly "advertise" in various publications that EMS people might read.

    So this is my first stop. In all honesty, I don't want to "SPAM", or "fish" or in any way disrespect this forum. I am here looking for info, looking for possible people to be on the show. I'm absolutely happy to answer any questions, and I don't want to do a full posting about the show until I've at least introduced myself and my intentions.


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    I was going to post that forums don't bite.

    Some can be rude. Got in trouble in one for putting a referal link in a spam section.

    Well, I guess this forum isn't sig link friendly.

    I added one but it's not showing.

    "I'm not a fire fighter, nor do I play one on TV (ha ha)." Ditto

    I'm just addicted to joining forums. I would be on them even if I wasn't a marketer.


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      Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the site.
      Chief Engineer,
      East Hancock FD
      Bay ST. Louis, MS
      I.A.C.O.J. Disaster Survival Specialist
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        One question: What does a tv writer or reporter know that a firefighter is wanting to know? What kind of questions would we be asking you?

        One I have and its really not a question but more of an request. Stay out of the firefighters way and back on the other side of the fire scene tape. When the PIO is ready to give out information they will do so at site as not to interfere with fire ground operations.

        Most docu's are BS anyway and really do not tell the correct story. Look at all the fire movies that has been out.

        Stay Safe and Well Out There....

        Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers


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