A little about myself- FF/PM currently working for the City of Orlando Fire Dept been here a little under 5 years. Also currently a Navy Corpsman (8404 Hurrah!). My past---> worked for NYC*EMS and FDNY EMS Division for 10 years (present at the WTC on 9/11), worked a number of other EMS related companies in NYC for another 4-5 years, Prior service Army Medic (91a), Union Delegate for over 3,000 members in NYC.-----

Why am I here, I am looking for members to join our association. Our association (the Central Florida Hispanic Firefighters Association) is a nonforprofit group, with membership from Daytona Beach to Polk County, Fl. Most of the membership is located in the Orlando/Orange County part of Florida. We are not a Union, and as such we will not bargain for members (that’s why they pay Union Dues). Currently we are organizing our 1st Holiday Party, which will be a fund raiser to help out our sister group (National Latino Police Officer's Association) raise funds to buy gifts for under privileged children. The fund raiser will also pay for the band/dj/club, whatever is left (were hoping at least a thousand dollars) will be used by the CFHF to get a dedicated server, website and better forum.

ANYONE can join the CFHF, so if you’re from the area or thinking of moving to the sunshine state, give us a holler! Currently we have a free forum site (it has some ads), so come and check it out... Stay safe out there