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    got the call

    Hi, got some happy news. The township fire & rescue is taking me on and I get my gear tomorrow night. They are also setting up an interview with my husband. It's all in the family now. We are all volunteer. I am very excited especially at this age.

    I just got back from running on my lunch hour. Got to stay in shape so I can do a good job. Very happy to be joining all of you. Stay Safe.


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      Congratulations enginegirl1!!!!

      I have noticed a lot of spouse teams in the volunteer fire service. It is a great thing to experience together. Take care and stay safe!!
      Just someone trying to help! (And by the way....Thanks for YOUR help!)

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        Thanks FireNut!! They called us up to the firehouse last night and we both got our gear. They spent about 3 hours talking with us and showing us the apparatus. They were very welcoming to us and we are PUMPED!!

        I agree, this is a great thing to share as a couple. No one feels left out.

        So have 120 day probations and then they're putting us both through FF1. I have my volley certificate but as we all know that's just enough to get into trouble. :-0 Also my day job is paying for my EMT-B, I have First Responder already.

        We can learn a lot from these folks - they all have many years in and we are green as grass. :-)

        Thanks again for the encouragement!! Stay Safe.
        Best wishes,
        Amy in Marathon, Ohio


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          welcome to the forum. I joined yesterday.

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            Congrats enginegirl1 - Stay safe....


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              Thanks LM, so excited. We've been spending time at the station learning the apparatus. Still no fires since we joined, very quiet week out here! Stay Safe.


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                Ohioan here!

                Originally posted by EdShanks
                Hey, where in Ohio are you? I'm over here on the eastern edge.

                I'm on a career department, and we're not all that busy, fire-wise. had a little over 3400 emergency calls last year in the department (3 stations) and I'll bet 3/4 of them were medical. If you don't keep up with your firefighting, being on a slow department, fire-wise, you'll get rusty and forget your training. Even just reading and reviewing, once you've got the training down, will help, because it keeps the procedures fresh in your mind.

                Good luck! (and BTW, I'm 50, with a total of 24 years in the fire service! Don't let 'em tell you 48 is old! You're just getting started!!)
                Hey EdShanks, I'm from SouthEast Ohio. Ever been to Marietta?
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