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Wowser, everyone here, how cool is that

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  • Wowser, everyone here, how cool is that

    Hey, hey all. Been out to Arizona, Nevada's sin city, and up in the mountains of California, Big Bear. Brought back the Las Vegas flu and spent all night flying back with my ears killing me, but had to stop in and say hi to all the oldies and welcome to all the newbies.

    Still reading and learning, however not exactly sure why. I never want to be in fire service, just admire those who have chosen the career.

    I'm such a liar, liar pants on fire.LOL I know exactly why I am here. It's U

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    Greetings, Lilsis! So glad you bring such upbeat messages like this to the forum! Don't be a stranger, ya hear?
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
    Dennis Miller


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      Welcome back Lilsis!
      Bruce Baker

      Medic Student, EMT-I, EMT-I instructor, Haz-Mat FRO

      Fraternal Order Of Paramedics Society Member

      R.I.P. 343, 9/11/01, God Bless America.


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        welcome back
        No longer an explorer-
        Currently Keene State College Class of 2008
        KEENE STATE RUGBY #5!!!
        I shed blood for my ruggers.
        <forever ruggers, forever sisters>

        All gave some, some gave all. Gone but not forgotten. 9/11/01


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          Hope I am asking this question properly

          Thank you everyone, you do make me feel welcome. I have a question and I understand the answers will vary depending on where you are from and whether you are careered or volunteers.

          How does your department keep track of individuals training? Do you receive certifications you turn in to personnel or is the information entered into software by the trainer? I don't understand how you can keep up with recording your training.


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            Our Training division takes care of our training records. If we train at the station, we fill out a roster, and it eventually gets sent to training for our credit. Even when we "go to" training to take a class, we still fill out the roster to receive credit for it.

            Got Crust?

            We lucky few, ... we band of brothers


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              I think I am lost

              I thought I was on the Meet and Greet thread from a non firefighter. I think I am lost, I want to know where JVB, Craig, Joe, Darcy, Bob, Brenda and the rest are?

              I am embarassed to the max.


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                Not lost, just confused... Just kidding Lilsis... We did miss you though good to have you back..

                Our training is kept up by both a roster and certificates, that are entered into the data base on the stations computer.. The roster deals with in house training, and certificates or copies of your cards such as CPR, EMT, EMT-P, etc... are for outside courses taken..

                We have 4 paid personnel and rest volunteer....

                later and God Bless



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                  Welcome back lilsis!
                  09-11 .. 343 "All Gave Some..Some Gave ALL" God Bless..R.I.P.
                  IACOJ Minister of Southern Comfort
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                    Hi Everyone

                    I found each of you to be helpful, just wondering why you aren't teaching in the Greetings from a non-firefighter thread? It is obvious you want to help cause, well fire people are just that way, but you all have varying degrees of more than one aspect of fire or rescue service information and I just thought I would move out here, just for a second and invite you in. The other thing is, there are some viable inventions coming stemming I think from these very threads. Come on, stir up a helpful tool it could save a life, come on in and discuss it with us. ThomasV thought of something after reading and crying 3000 Degrees. Isn't that the motivator here, to make something better of our world, as opposed to those that would just come in here and stir up trouble between family? I liked all of you for sharing your information whether you come in or not.

                    Thank you soooooo much!



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                      Lilsis I would have come over there to join but it was to far gone when I got there. That thread just keeps going and going. That is great. I read through the first 5-7 pages of it and had to go. I will never catch up on all the info flying in the thread. Like now I have more to say but gotta go.

                      TC and good Luck
                      Les Hartford
                      Assistant Chief
                      LMR Fire Dept.

                      The views posted here are strickly my own and not of any of the groups I am affiliated with.

                      IACOJ Member


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                        We are not all southern, but we are gentile at Greetings

                        Thanks! Public Safety people don't just jump in to anything, do they?
                        Hahahahaha...understood. You folks should be attorney's, NAW, no alturism there.

                        Spoke to an attorney from Arkansas the other day. Last four digits of his phone number were 6666. He said dialing 3 sixes gets you the devil, 4 an attorney, hahaha, that wasn't a hard sell.

                        Have a Great evening!


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