I desperately want to help rescue workers from 9-11 and citizens of New York with health issues they are experiencing from the toxins & chemicals that they were exposed to. I know that many firefighters and police officers are suffering from decreased lung capacity, asthma symptoms, acid reflux, etc. and there is a real concern for long-term health problems, including the possibility of some cancers.

My goal is to raise money and provide a free year's supply of all-natural health products that may help remove the toxins from people's bodies and help rebuild their immune system. I pray that anyone that you know who is suffering from physical problems please speak up and ask for help. I believe that there needs to be a combination of traditional and alternative health practices to provide the best care possible. I have done a great deal of research on the short and long-term consequences, both physically and psychologically, and I will do anything I can to help.

Please leave your name, ph. # and/or email address and I will contact you. There are no strings attached, this is a very sincere offer to help as many people as possible. Whether it is for yourself or someone you know - please, please ask for help. Thank you.

Luverne, MN
[email protected]