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  • Greetings from the North!

    Hey hey!

    32 y.o. male looking to make a career change from working as a counselor/tech in the hospital to being a career firefighter.

    Recently certified EMT; haven't had my cert for over a year. Few years back was an EMR for 3 year's for a volly org., 10-13.

    For Medic programs in this State you need your EMT for a year before applying. Most programs in the area are in sync so the next class could apply for is in 2021, which would be place me between 35-36 when done with the program. Hoping to hop on to the program with the Hospital I work at. I know one department in the area states in their job posting they give preference to Medics from this program, so that's a plus.

    So hoping to get on with a department before getting my Medic cert.

    Getting back in shape. Lifting more. Doing plyometrics twice a week goal is 4 times a week by the end of the year. Going further with my running. Plan to run a half in August and a marathon next year.

    Starting to volunteer with an EMT Organization. Then the start of next year plan to join and volunteer with a local fire department. The FD org. host a variety of classes and the department is located in a town with a satellite fire training area. So hopefully take advantage take as many courses/classes as I can.

    Then planning the summer of next year to possibly go for PRK or Lasik surgery hopefully. Take my CPAT prior to doing that in the Summer of 2020.

    Plan on applying for jobs hopefully in 2020.

    Any tips or advice can give?

    Would you reccomend applying for public safety dispatch job in the interim?

    Have researched departments in the area. Could not find much in regards to them having age limits. Most paid departments in the area require being a Medic say 80% and rest require at least an EMT-B Cert.

    Would you reccomend keeping it within State lines or expand an apply apply!!!

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback and HELLO again!!!

    Also do currently have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice.
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    Sounds like you are going in the right direction

    Which state are you in???


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      i would join a volly fire dept sooner but with our first kid on the way wanna survive the Fall!
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        Well till you mentioned child, I was going to say and still will check adjoing states and their departments, when you are not traveling five days a week, a little longer commute is not bad, except in your area sometimes snow,

        But I would suggest go to as many city dept web sites, find their hiring requirements and make sure you have them,

        If a job interest card is there, fill it out, you may not be ready for a jump, but go ahead and test if you can, to see what the test is like



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