hi yall. my names tim and i am a probationary member of the Rhodestown Volunteer Fire Department here in Jacksonville NC. i have been interested in firefighting for a long time but up until recently i have lived a few blocks away from my towns station one so there was not a volunteer department that covered my area. but now i live within sight of one so i have joined up and am going through my 90 day probationary period before i can be voted on as a full member and get to go on calls. i have been learning alot. some of the guys that have been there a while have been meeting me over there and teaching me about the trucks and all the equipment on them. this past saturday we had a training day and they worked with me on getting into my turnout gear. i have it down to 1min 10sec from walking in the door to being suited up and ready to jump on a truck. so thats me in a nutshell. im looking forward to reading and learning alot on here!