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    Hey guys, i have been an avid "onlooker" of this site, and finally made an account.

    First I would like to mention that i have noticed the great deal of help yall provide to several members of this board. I myself have learned a great deal just by following threads and looking throughout the forum.

    - Here is a little info on me, and my journey to become a Firefighter -

    I am a 20yr old male, i currently reside in College Station, Texas. Yes, home of the renowned TEEX Fire Academy. I just completed my 2nd year of college at Blinn College. I was a Kines major aspiring to find a career in the health and fitness industry.

    Just before semsesters end... (this spring) i was struggling trying to find what i wanted to do for the next 30 plus years of my life. Being raised in a small East Tx town of (GILMER) where my family had strong religous morals, i did what mom had always taught me to do... PRAY! As i prayed over and over hoping my future would fall in my lap, it finally did. Im not exactly how it came up but it did, i just randomly started looking into the fire service. Little did i know that i lived a matter of minutes from the best training a Fireman could receive. So for about a week or two i spent a little time of each day reading into this career and how to go about getting certified as a fireman. It was like a slap in the FACE..... How could i have missed this??? I was born to fight fire and save lives. As i continued to read on the subject i noticed a fire that grew within ME! This fire was the passion i was building up to become a fireman. I could spend hours on telling you how the fire service ties into my life.. For one, i was blessed with an uncanty ability to be a leader, not only could i lead, but God gave me a motor that runs non-stop. This motor powered me to do things i shouldnt.. I was an under sized O-lineman for the best 3A football team in the state of Texas. Not only was i undersized (5'10" 180lbs) compared to the other guys (6'2"-6'4"/275lbs plus) but i was the captain of that team. Everyone looked up to me to make decisions, to push everyone harder, to find that extra gear when it wasnt possible... the list goes on..

    I in no way am bragging about my football career, just showing how each of these gifts God himself blessed me with, tie into my future in the fire service. I work hard, keep my mouth shut, and help when time comes. My coaches instealed the value of CHARACTER into each of us.. Character, as i like to define it is, "what your doing, when no one is watching" Fighting fire is a team effort but at the same time, you have to know your role when the time comes. You shouldnt need somone standing over you to insure your doing what your told.

    As for what i have planned out, i will start my EMT-B course at the TEEX center Aug 2nd. Its a 5wk class (fast paced) Then i will go into my Paramedic course starting Oct 4th. It will wrap up just before christmas. Then the much anticipated RECRUIT FIRE ACADEMY will start Jan 3rd. Hopfully upon graduation i will be set to tackle any task a Department could throw at me

    Thank you for reading this, if you have any suggestions for me, or any questions, i will be happy to take any advice you Vets have.
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    Does anyone have any suggestions to my plan on my certification process???

    Such as the 5wk EMT-B.. thats guna be fast, any tips here?

    Teex fire academy opinions?


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      Hopefully you're now in that EMT class. I know when I went to A&M there was an on campus ambulance. Look into that. Some experience as an EMT before starting paramedic would help. But if you decide to go straight into paramedic school then go for it. Enjoy TEEX.

      Thanks and gig em.


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