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    Hey everybody, im 16 and discovered this forum when doing just some normal research, I really dont know what kind of career i want to pursue but fighting fires has always been an option. I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on if i should volunteer at a local station, or anything like that. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome! I'm in the same boat as you.


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      Welcome to the forum! If you are interested in the fire service start off volunteering at a local department. This is a great way to figure out if this is truly something that you are interested in pursuing.

      Good luck and welcome again!
      Brian Irey

      My comments are mine and mine alone - they do not represent any thoughts or views of my department or anyone else


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        Hi everyone!
        I am Nicole :x. I am from USA. I am also a new member of forum.
        Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks!
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          depending on where you're from, your local department, or one near you may have an explorer post or junior firefighter program. I think most places in the US you have to be 18 to be a full member of a department, but it's never too early to get started


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            Yes welcome all of you. Be advised that the fire service has gone through incredible changes. The federal codes and regulations are overwhelming the industry. You need to try and meet all that you can.

            Participate often, and BSFD has a lot more comments than what shows.


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              When I read the excitement in young peoples words, it reassures me that the future of the fire service will be in good hands.

              Just remember to always follow your heart and use your mind.

              Never forget what attracted you to what we do.

              If you ever do this for just a job... you are in it for the wrong reason.

              Spray water, and a lot of it...
              HAVE PLAN.............WILL TRAVEL


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                ...and read every single post that Paladin Knight has made, or will make.
                Career Fire Captain
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                Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!


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                  Originally posted by BoxAlarm187 View Post
                  ...and read every single post that Paladin Knight has made, or will make.

                  Second That.................
                  Never use Force! Get a Bigger Hammer.
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                    Originally posted by PaladinKnight View Post

                    Spray water, and a lot of it...

                    Someone once asked me which type of nozzle I would rather use, I said doesn't matter they all spray water.
                    Get the first line into operation.


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                      Hello, from Boston...

                      Good morning,

                      I just signed up to be a part of the forums. Looking forward to learning new things, meeting new jakes, and hearing how other communities run their departments.

                      Stay safe, everyone.

                      Roger Kendrick
                      Boston F.D., TL-3
                      Founder - Boston Fire Gear, www.bostonfiregear.com


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