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Looking into SCBA (3M Scott,Msa,Dr?ger)

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  • Looking into SCBA (3M Scott,Msa,Dr?ger)

    Whats is ur department using?
    Any preferences on cylinders size ? Why

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    a lot of people get burned out on this topic, kinda like what truck is best. you just have to play with them, and see what works for your dept. we are currently looking at packs also. msa,scott, and drager. all are nice. we are debating between the msa and drager. 4500 45m bottles.


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      We got a grant to replace our packs. We looked at both Scott and MSA. We went with MSA, 4500 psi, 30 minute cylinders.

      For us, cost didn't really play into it. Service and responsiveness of the companies played a big part. They are both good packs, and I'm confident that they would both have the ability to serve us well over the next 15 years. Warranty was essentially the same; 15 years for the MSA, "lifetime" for the Scott. I say "lifetime" only because service life for the cylinders is 15 years and no one in their right mind will buy a whole set of cylinders after 15 years and expect top performance and full NFPA-compliance out of 15 year old packs...

      We also got a grant to upgrade our radios last year. So we now have bluetooth-enabled portables. MSA integrates easily into those as standard, Scott adds to the mask to do the same and charges an extra $600 for it. Having a full view from the MSA mask was a bonus compared to the Scott. Several of us also had somewhat major issues with distortion in the -HT Scott masks as well; some people didn't see it, others did. Ease of swapping batteries on the MSA was a plus, though we still have reservations about a proprietary battery- time will tell on that one, but with a 15 year warranty on the battery.....?

      I will say that we decided very early on in the process, for a couple of reasons, that we would stay with a threaded cylinder fitting rather than a quick-connect- regardless of manufacturer. Our mutual aid is split about 50/50 between Scott and MSA, and both of our mutual aid cascade trucks are not set up to fill quick-connects. We also decided on 30 minute cylinders for a couple of reasons- weight, and rehab. There's a 4 lb difference between 30-45 minute cylinders. Not a lot unless you are wearing it a long period. Plus the profile is bigger on the 45's. Rehab comes into play when you consider that you should be going to rehab after 2 cylinders if using 30 minute cylinders. Add 50% to that, are you going to be on-air for 50% longer with 2 cylinders before you get checked at rehab or are you going to send them to rehab after 1 cylinder now with a 45 minute? All in what you want to dictate on that end. There's times when 45 minute cylinders make sense, but for 80-90% of the fire service, 30's do just fine.

      Get the reps in to "sell" you on their packs. Get them to leave demos. Run the demos through everything you can, including live fire if possible. Work with them on at a minimum. You'll quickly learn what you like and don't like about all of them.
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