I am wondering if I am eligible to be an applicant at any fire academies. I couldn’t find a solid answer online so I am here. Currently I am studying firescience in college. I really enjoy it. It is my second year. I’m also taking classes to be an EMT. I will be going to the paramedic program when finished in my fire science program. The issue lies in two problems. I have slight hearing loss. I can’t hear high frequencies, but it was enough to get disqualified from military service. How badly will this affect my chances of getting hired on? The doctor says it’s from exposure to loud noise. I also have a entry level separation from the military, caused by adjustment disorder a few years ago. I have come to terms with this and it honestly, In a strange way, made me a stronger and an all around better person. Both mentally by learning coping techniques and bettering myself, as well as physically by setting goals and being consistent. I also honestly just enjoy helping people. I think I could be a good firefighter. My instructors thinks highly of my abilities. I’ve gotten many references from them. I haven’t mentioned the adjustment disorder to them ever, but depending on these answers I may have a discussion with them moving forward. I know mental health is important in the fire service. I am taking a fire mental health course as we speak to help prepare us for the job. I’d like to know if this is a automatic disqualification for me or is it possible to get hired on or get to the academy somehow? Thanks. If I can’t be a fire fighter , I think I’d like the prevention/education side of things. Sorry if I put this on the wrong forum. I’ve never posted on one.