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Subject: Harry Carters comments on new Rutland Chief
To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Carter:
I am a 27 year veteran of the fire service, Albeit most of that time I spent
as a vol. firefighter in a private fire department that raised all is funds
to purchase everything that's right trucks gear radio etc.I have also spent
the past 6 years serving as a Rutland City sub. I have served my county as a
vice president of the mutual aid system and vice president of the Rutland
County fire fighters. While I strongly disagree with the Rutland City
politics of reduction in fire fighters I do think that you have not gotten
all your facts straight. First of all while chief Shelly came to Rutland with
a long line of great credentials he lacked (In my option) the ability to take
his years of fire training use them in a more rural inviorment.Yes that's
right rural. Big city block houses and large buildings. Please do not
misinterpret that. Standard fire tactics must stay in place but that does not
mean every fire is the same and must be attached the same each time. You
mentioned That the moral has dropped with the retirement of chief Shelly,
Quit the contrary it has not What the men are upset about is the staffing.
While Chief Lancour is an old time firefighter he is a fire fighters Chief. I
do not agree with him on a lot of things and I do not on this subject. I
served my vol. Department as a chief my self and I know he is getting his
feet wet at the top. Again I do not condone what is going on here in Rutland
but you would have to spend some time with this group to understand them.
Also I do not want this to be miss interpreted as a knock on chief Shelly I
have a lot of respect for him. lastly I look forward to reading your
comments and think your right on the money with the staffing issues through
out the country I only wanted to express some views on Our new Chief.

Thanks for your time. By the way Rutland operates with a call force of some
20 level one firefighters and a paid force of 27. If you look at there runs
and the history of fires you would see they are covered. BUT I do believe
strongly in appropriate staffing and that they could use two more on duty.

Best regards Les Cyr