I am looking for information from any department that currently has their base salary calculated on a 53-hour or 56-hour work week and receives FLSA overtime pay (instead of Kelly Days).

A little background on my situation: our department calculates our base salary on a 56-hour work week. In accordance with the FLSA standards, we received 3 hours OT every week as anything over 53 hours for a 24/48 shift firefighter is paid at OT. We are paid every 2 weeks, but our pay cycle is a 21 day pay cycle. With this 21-day cycle, our pay checks are not equal every 2-weeks. One paycheck is paid at 120 hours straight time, then 87 straight + 9 OT, and then 111 straight + 9 OT.

I'm looking for information from any department that has a base 53 or 56 hour week that is on a 21-day cycle, but are paid the same amount every 2 weeks.

Any information you could provide on how your salaries are calculated and if it conforms with FLSA standards would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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