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  • Chief's vehicle taken away...

    Ok, so the politicians are starting again!

    A new rule has just been passed in our city. No city employee is allowed to take their work vehicle home after hours. Our chief who is a career chief, has to bring his POV to the station in the morning, and after hours, he is to either go to the station, or designate someone to drive his chief vehicle to the scene.

    The vehicle is leased by the city, and not the FD. However, the chiefs vehicle has his radio's, TIC monitor, and all the other gifts and gadgets that a chief should have.

    The city council put out a letter to the chief stating that he can designate someone to drive his vehicle to the scene after hours. The problem encountered is this... If we only have 2-3 people on midnight (We are volunteer, manned 24/7/365), this delays the person driving his vehicle getting packed up for whatever the call.

    I think this policy was put into place because of other city employee's abusing the system, "personal use", but our chief uses it to get to work, go home from work, and answer calls. His normal hours are 9-5 Mon through Fri, and all calls that he deems necessary to answer, which he answers everything that sounds like it could be major.

    Thoughts and opinions please...

    Also note that, not only am I volunteer, but even if he tells me I am the "designated driver of his vehicle", I will not take his vehicle to the scene, especially if the call involves entrapment etc. I am not trying to sound like an idiot when I say this, but why should we, the department put the peoples lives in jeopardy, because of a stupid policy that they are trying to enforce? Our chief is very well liked by the department, as well as the citizens, and he is also quite upset that not only is this putting the residents in jeopardy, but also the firefighters on the rigs.

    Thanks, and be safe
    John Williams
    City of Clairton
    Fire / EMS

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    Seems to me there should be an exception for employees required to respond to emergencies after normal business hours or from home.
    Stay Safe.
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      City politics. Sounds like the other city employees abused the priviledge of city vehicles. One rotten apple spoils the basket.

      The fire Chief took it up the @%[email protected]#. The chief of any public SAFETY "dept" should be allowed to take the vehicle home.

      Wait till one of the city's "powers to be" home is on fire. What will there reaction be then.


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        Get the TIC and any other essential equip. out of the car and on the first out rig. Then have the Chief do what he's supposed to be able to do, justify the need for the vehicle in his possession. As far as personal vehicle use, we need to keep in mind that someone is always watching us and integrity is imparitive, especially for Chief Officers.

        Good Luck, Frank
        Chief Frank Rizzio
        Pea Ridge Fire Dept.sigpic
        Pea Ridge AR. 72751


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          If your Chief is obligated to respond to calls "after hours" is he really ever "off the clock"? Couldn't he justify it by saying that if he responds, then he's working and that while normal city employees leave work at 5, he's still on duty?
          Captain 203


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            Our chief has a van the only vehicle with A.C. in our station. He leaves this when he goes home. He also has another vehicle which I have heard rumors that the city bought him, but you know how rumors are.
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