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  • members not living in your fire district

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    why would you want members from outside your district? by the time they got to the station, the trucks would be on scene. if its manpower you need, call for mutial aid, they could be there quicker.


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      There could be several reasons why someone from out of district may volunteer

      1) Distance to a fire station, could be closer than his/her own district station.

      2) Works in the district.

      3) Friends/relatives in district

      4) Odd but true, firehouse politics. One might not be able to join his/her district fire company due to politics.

      The views and opinions expressed herin are my personal views and opinions and not those of any organization, department I may belong to or represent


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        While I can't argue that having memebers from inside your district is very important, in these days of limited manpower and other activities taking up more of peoples time, the boundaries for membership have been stretched a little bit in some areas. I started out living in an adjoining city out of my district 7 years ago. I knew full well though that I would eventually move into the district. It took me 5 years to save up money and time to find the right house. Did I make the first out trucks? Sometimes I did, because the response level was not up to par. That is a continuing battle in our department to keep the ranks up. We have established some limits on road miles between a members house and the station to keep the 30 minute drive to a fire down to a minimum, but there are times that we need those members for the 3rd and 4th trucks out of our stations because the mutual aid is limited and takes just as long, if not longer, to respond to the fire scene.

        Hope my post makes sense and gives a different view - there are always ways to look at an issue and see very opposite positions.



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          I am looking into a dept. that has the policy of requiring members to live within its district. They are short on people and just started EMS calls last year. According to their chief they have a hard time getting people to reposnd to them. I have EMS experience and want fire experience. I am trying to move into the district but housing is hard to find. Currently I work less than a mile from the district line and due to family in the district I spend a good portion of my time off within about 30 seconds of the station. Even my house is less than 10 min. from the station. I was told that if I lived in the district I would be voted on during the next meeting. Does anybody know a way to present my case to them and let me on prior to moving to the district?


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            Originally posted by patrick a. hollister
            why would you want members from outside your district? by the time they got to the station, the trucks would be on scene. if its manpower you need, call for mutial aid, they could be there quicker.
            I am one of these members you speak of. My department was happy to have me. I work in the district and am able to respond during work. I can usually be at the station within a minute. Needless to say they were very happy to have me join there dept.
            This is my opinion and in no way represtents the opinion of my department.


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              Wow, an old thread brought back to life....

              I live outside of my district. I live in a municipality with a career department, and am a volunteer with an adjacent Township district. There is a little bit of rub with some other members regarding out-of-district members (I am not the only one), but the fact boils down to we are authorized for a staff of 30, and presently have 26, with no pending applications. Without the non-residents, it would be down to about 20. I live on the edge of the municipality and am closer to Station 1 than about 1/2 of the other members, and therefore more often than not have to drive a BRT. Because of my location and because my work schedule is on a rotating six-week pattern of day and night shifts, my weekday availability is relatively high. I also commute through the district on my way to work... my home and work are both in the City but on opposite sides of the Township. In addition, my employer allows me to respond from work most of the time. I bounce back and forth between 3rd and 4th most active member. I have lost count of the number of times I was one of only two or three guys on a medical, and even been alone on a handful.

              Out of district members? Yes, we need them.
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                We would allow them on if they were within a reasonable distance from the station. We have 3 stations within a 10 sq mile area, so everyone is pretty close. We have allowed some outside of what would be considered acceptable, but we did so knowing they would be around alot or even spend quite a bit of time at the station.


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                  We run a percentage requirement for both trainings and runs, if you make that minimum, as far as I'm concerned - you can live an hour away.

                  Essentially, we have quite a few that live out of district, some of whom have a lot to contribute, and many will actually spend "shifts" in the fire station to cover calls. They aren't paid for their time there other than a reimbursement like everyone else gets for calls, but they're happy to get the training, to be able to contribute, etc. We may lose some if they get hired on to a career department, but as long as they contribute for a while, I think the investment in them is worthwhile.

                  I live technically outside of the district, a daytime guy runs his business during the day near one of our stations (and is a heck of firefighter from a neighboring dept. in which district he lives), and lots of others live technically outside the district but close to a station. We take who ever we can get as long they'll contribute in a meaningful way.
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                    i was chief of a small department and made a rule of no outside members due to problems with them running at crazy speeds trying to make it in a reasonable time but when i moved and turned in my stuff they called a special meeting and changed the rules to keep me....kinda got me all choked up


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                      Won't Fly Here..............

                      Anyone who even thinks of putting any kind of restriction on where you live would be met with an armed uprising here. Less than half of our members live in our First Due area. 4 live out of State. As the Assistant Chief I am 2nd in Command, and I live in the next County over, 12 Miles from the station. And Here's the important point: We have no problem at all with this arrangement. Our operations and Call Volume are such that you have to be in the Station to be of any use to us. For instance, we are required to have the apparatus on the street in one minute from dispatch, which we do, 10 times per day. With a Duty Schedule and a Live-in program, we have a Volunteer crew in the station at all times. It's the only way to run a busy VFD.

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                        I live outside my fire district. I also live outside the town and county that my firehouse protects. If it wasn't for the fact that I joined a month and a half after our year started, I would have been in the top ten for responders (when starting out 30 calls behind the rest is a hard hurdle to make up). This year I plan to be in the top 10. It's just the way the lines were drawn, my city has a paid FD, but the FD I belong to is 1 mile from my house. usually I'm either on the first out engine, just miss the engine pulling out, or I'm on the ladder. and no one has a problem with it.

                        The only time people have a problem with out of district members is when they have a 10 minutes response. when it takes them so long that they never make the truck, or when everyone has a 10 minute response that it takes you 10 minutes to roll the engine. or you do have those A holes who drive like morons to get to the firehouse, 60 mph down in a residental area, or 90 up the highway for a AFA.

                        if your department is as busy as hwoods is, where you can only have duty crews in house, then living in district doesn't matter.

                        on the flip side, there is one downside to having members who live out of district, and you can take this anyway you want. They are doing this for fun. They have don't care about the district. By that, I mean if they leave the department or cause a work stoppage (as one of out district chief once suggested), it's not their house that is left unprotected. If they do something stupid, it's the residents that look stupid, not the person who lives somewhere else. If the person lives in district there is a line of thinking of self-preservation that people are there in case their house is the one that needs a fire engine.
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                          I'm Out Of The District

                          I live right on the town line but am a member of the next town over because the town I live in does not have volunteer fire fighters. My parents and many of my friends and relatives live in the town where I am a member. I don't see living out of the district as a problem (and neither does my Fire Chief) I can see that others might feel differently but think in these days of such a shortage of volunteers eliminating candidates just because they live across a meaningless boundary (meaningless in this situation!) is foolish. I think it would make sense to decide on a case by case basis whether someone can be a member rather than a hard and fast rule.
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                            We have people from both in and out...

                            Our bylaws state officers must live in the first due area, but that is not enforced due to manpower needs. As far as EMS is concerned, we supposed to be responding within 3 minutes from dispatch. For me, that means staying at the station when on duty as I live 3.5 miles away. Best I can do is about 5 min.

                            Now, we can respond on a second due ambulance call, but we automatically have our mutual aid stations dispatched at the same time. Depending on the location of the call, we can usually get the second ambulance out before they are even close.

                            The only rule we have for members living outside the area is no blue light until they cross the first due area border unless they are responding to the scene POV (rare occurance) and the call is in that other area.
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                              the dept. im in, does not allow members to live out of district, allthough the two surrounding depts do. it a matter of membership, and manpower. our dept sees it as a liability to have folks racing through another town to get to the station ( we dont allow P.O.V's to fires, unless it's an officer ) we have approximately 30 active members.



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