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  • Fees for Rescue/Response

    Recently several fire departments in Texas have announce their intention to charge the insurance company of motorists who have comprehensive insurance coverage for their vehicles for response to car fires, auto accidents and an additional amount for extrication. Those who are not covered by this type of insurance would not be charged.

    My question is, how prevalent are these "fee for service" propositions across the nation?

    For example; $250 for EMS response to auto accident (not for ambulance response) ; $500 for auto fire; $2500-$3000 for "using the jaws", and a lesser amount for "simple extrication".

    The amounts are those quoted by departments to the media, and these are medium to large cities all with full career departments who DO NOT operate ambulances. These are not charges for any ambulance portion of the response.++

    Please feel free to email me your response if you wish your answer to be confidential.

    This inquiry is strictly for my own purpose.

    EMT-P Retired

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    We have been doing it for several years now. We are a volunteer rescue service that is not on a tax base. We have been the only department providing this service so we charge the insurance companies in order to pay for the upkeep and replacement of equipment. Our fees are reasonable and do not charge for our time.

    I might add that insurance companies are happy to pay for this vs. the long term care of a spinal injury. We only do it for rescue response ex: fee for confined space, extrication, trench etc. We do not charge for EMS related calls/service.

    I can email you our schedule of fees if you like, just let me know ([email protected]).

    Susan Bednar
    Captain - Forsyth Rescue
    North Carolina Strike Force 1


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      My area doesn't charge for fire-side responses (yet???). But EMS charges have been around even on the basic level for 10 years in this area.
      Numbers approximate, but roughly:
      Basic Ambulance -- $250
      Paramedic -- $400 (+ ambulance)
      Helicopter -- $3000
      (Then the hospitalization bills, ticket from the police, etc...)

      $2,500 for using the Jaws sounds awful, awful high -- especially since the fire truck to put out the car fire costs a lot more than a set of hydraulic tools. Either there's a typo there...or there's a lot more services included in that amount (I hope!)



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        Check the string in the VOLUNTEER FORUM for "Chaging for MVAs".. you can get some ideas from there...


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          Here in NH, we don't actually charge for MVAs, by state law allows us to recover costs from the person responsible if there is a DWI involved. It's handled through the courts, and is paid as part of the restitution. We have done this several times.

          Stay Safe.
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