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    Looking for sample SOPs for apparatus driver certification. We are currently a "chief's discretion" department that hasn't had any problems and doesn't want any in the future.

    We're in the same boat that I'm sure many other departments are in; you can't afford to keep good candidates (particularly licensed CDL people) out of the driver's seat for a long time but you need to ensure your department's backside is covered.

    We're prepared to offer pump training, EVOC, etc., etc., to new drivers and want to set some workable guidelines for new driver training and certification.

    We're a call department with about thirty members.

    What works for you?

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    Sunflower County, Mississippi is in the process of adopting a policy to require departments that operate county-owned apparatus to have their drivers certified annually. We will be using the Emergency Vehicle Driver course availabe through VFIS.

    All of the eight departments we have are municipally-run, and the county contracts with the municipalities for service. The county also purchases apparatus (pumpers, tankers, rescues primarily) to house in municipal stations for rural response. As a practical matter for insurance purposes, the decision was made to include the driver training requirement in the next round of contracts. Departments will have 12 months after the signing of the contract to train their drivers. This training does not accept CDL licenses for substitute. EVD training is essential. If no drivers are successfully trained during that time period, either the contract will not be renewed or the apparatus may be reassigned to another department. (Details still being worked out)

    While this sounds like some old "unfunded mandate" from the "government", the only costs incurred by the cities will be for the student manuals. And as an added incentive, the county will include city-owned apparatus in the training programs at no additional cost.

    We have not developed an SOP/SOG as such because this is being handled through contracts, but I hope this gives you some idea. I'm not 'selling' VFIS, but they have a great program. You can also get a copy of a very similar training program from the US Fire Administration's web site. But for your protection, I would attend a driver training-instructor course prior to actually delivering the class.

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