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Al Ggore vs. George Bush

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  • Al Ggore vs. George Bush

    just wanted to know out there from our fellow firefighters who they support in this up coming election, I personally like Al Gore, IAFF has came out to support Al also, what does everyone think?

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    Well, I'll keep it simple for an answer. Long Live Ronald Reagan and the Grand Old Party!

    Sorry, Gore is no better than his lying pedophile buddy. No moral fiber at all.

    Just my opinion, mind you.


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      Al Gore bad idea.

      Idea of IAFF to early endorse Gore almost as bad.


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        I miss McCain and Bradley myself.


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          I agree with e229lt! Given the choices-Bush.


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            I personally thought Elizabeth Dole would have been outstanding. She's got like zero potential for scandal, so a lot more effort and energy could have remained focused on running the country. She might have invigorated the goverment the way Maggie Thatcher did it for Britain. Bush and Gore are both puppets manipulated by the spin doctors, and I'm as excited about this as much as I was during the '92 Bush/Clinton, which is to say I'm not really thrilled with either of them. However, Liddy didn't play around with spin doctors, and the generally lemming public didn't pick up much on the fact that she was running her own show, to her credit. Colin Powell would have rocked, but he was too wise to let it ruin his life. Left with the two, I'd have to go with Bush, Gore had his hands in a lot of the mess (or at least knew about some of it) and has not made any efforts to distance himself or show his disapproval. But with either one, the government will really be run by people we never see nor hear. Gosh, Jesse Ventura sure could make things interesting, eh?

            Frank Billington, #11
            Town of Superior Fire Online


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              Is Mickey Mouse still an option here?

              If not Bush. The lesser of two evils.


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                Bush= no real experience... daddys coat tails
                Gore= to much experience... Clinton related.
                Bush and Gore sounds more like a snuff film title than presidential canidates


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                  Putting his connection with Clinton aside Gore is a much better candidate. One reason is he knows who the president of Russia is. [b]lol. With his current White House experiance he should be able to run our country pretty good..Dont get me wrong If Jesse "the Mind" was running ...I 'd be right behind him.

                  Lt. David J. Plumb
                  Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept


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                    Putting his connection with Clinton aside Gore is a much better candidate. One reason is he knows who the president of Russia is. [b]lol.[b] With his current White House experiance he should be able to run our country pretty good..Dont get me wrong If Jesse "the Mind" was running ...I 'd be right behind him.

                    Lt. David J. Plumb
                    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept


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                      Yeah, Gore is who we need. Somebody that will say whatever it takes and change his position as often as needed to ensure the other socialists aren't ****ed at him.


                      pre national candidate - supports all gun owner rights.

                      as a national candidate - got to have a gun ban.

                      Comprehensive Test ban Treaty

                      NOW:“I’ve worked on this for 20 years because, unless we get this one right, nothing else matters.”

                      THEN:Gore spent most of that 20 years opposing a comprehensive test ban!


                      pre national candidate - abortion is arguably the taking of a human life.

                      as a national candidate - supports the death of a child right up to having it be a good squeeze away from being born.

                      No controlling legal authority....

                      Shot at in combat - was really baby sat because he was a senators son (yeah, you can say Bush hid in the Guard, but he was a pilot who's unit was being rotated through and his turn was coming when Nixon ended it).

                      Got a zinc mine on his property

                      Sold one of our oil reserves to Occidental, the American folks can't have it, but it puts money in his pocket so why not?

                      Sold our national security to the Chinese,

                      run a slum on his property,

                      Invented the internet,

                      the inspiration for Love Story

                      Flip-flop flip-flop

                      Yeah, this is the guy we need for president. Just plain boring and dishonest


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                        Sorry for the long post, but I found this column from the NYT's Thomas Friedman to be hilarious and rather true, even though I am forced to settle for Bush...

                        - - - -

                        Jogging jokes aside, Clinton could be ideal running mate

                        By Thomas L. Friedman

                        With the Democratic Convention around the corner, I would like to join those offering advice to Vice President Al Gore. Gore's next, and maybe last, best chance to re-energize his campaign will come with his selection of his vice-presidential running mate, and I know whom he should choose.

                        Bill Clinton.

                        No, really, think about it for a moment. Bill Clinton, with all his detractors, is still the most popular and interesting politician in the country, and he is a far better campaigner, debater and all-around politician than any of the no-name Democratic governors whose names have been bandied about as possible running mates for Gore.

                        While many voters won't admit it, they would love to vote for Clinton again. He has kept us entertained in this age of microchips and markets, and there is no Democrat who drives Republicans more crazy. Without blinking an eye, he takes 50 percent of all the Republicans' best ideas and then accuses them of being extremists for wanting the other half. What other Democrat can get away with that?

                        Think of what Clinton could do to energize the Gore campaign: He would certainly help Gore overcome his problem with women voters, and, have no doubt, Clinton, who knows every issue inside out, would destroy any Republican vice-presidential candidate in a debate. For that matter, Clinton could eat George W. Bush for breakfast in a debate and not even know he ate him. Also, for pure entertainment, what could be better? The vice president breaks tie votes in the Senate. So if Hillary Clinton is elected as senator from New York and Bill Clinton as vice president, they might actually square off on a key vote. We're talking a ``War of the Roses'' kind of deal right there on the Senate floor. C-Span would instantly become the most widely watched television network in the country. Who needs ``Survivor'' when we could have Clinton vs. Clinton -- live?

                        Clinton also solves another problem. He's already had his background -- not to mention his body parts, body fluids and DNA -- checked by everyone from Paula Jones to the FBI. So Gore wouldn't have to worry about any surprises coming out of his closet -- like draft-dodging, pot-smoking, philandering or land speculating -- since the Clinton closet has already been opened and emptied twice over. How many potential vice-presidential candidates can say they've survived an impeachment inquiry? We're talking vetted here, folks. Though Clinton may be disbarred in Arkansas (isn't that an oxymoron?), he has never been convicted of anything. That should count for something.

                        And as taxpayers we have to love this idea, because Bill Clinton for vice president is good for the budget too. Ex-presidents get Secret Service protection for life. But if Clinton was Vice President, he would get the VP's Secret Service detail and would not need one of his own, so the country would save millions by having to maintain one less Secret Service team. It's a two-for-one deal.

                        It would also solve Clinton's golf problem. As a private citizen he would want to join a private golf club, but that could be difficult because few clubs want the hassle of having all those Secret Service agents with sniper rifles sitting in trees and roaming the fairways. But if Clinton was vice president, no club would turn him away from the first tee, and he would have much more time to work on his game. Look how good a golfer Dan Quayle is today.

                        Yes, yes. I know, Clinton-haters believe that Clinton should be punished, not made vice president. But aren't they the same thing?


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                          Don't forget Gores Earth in the Balance gas idea...

                          Then - Raise the taxes on gasoline so folks will have o pay more and consequently won't drive as much and put out so much polution (paraphrased). After all the internal combustion engine is the greatest threat to mankind.

                          Now - These gas prices are too high, the consumer is being gouged.

                          Translation: flip-flop OR (for Gore supporters a question) is it OK for the government to gouge consumers through higher taxes?


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                            Bush by a little. He's crooked as a dog's hind leg, but third parties are an unrealistic choice as they can't win. Gore? Get out your brooms and Indian pumps fire service 'cause if he outlaws internal combustion engines your 1250 gpm pumper will against the law and Janet Reno would most likely be happy to send in storm troops, perhaps even burn down your station or shoot your wife, children and dog. Union support? FROM GORE? He'll turn on the unions just like he and Clinton did on EVERYBODY else, even the fudge packers in don't ask, don't tell. Capt. Dan


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                              It should be Al Gore, although I would have preferred John McCain. Why Al?

                              1. George W is bought and paid for. No one could raise as much money as he has without owing many favors. The head of the NRA has stated the having "If George Bush is elected we (the NRA) will have a corner office in the White House." Whether you are in favor of Gun Control or not is irrelevant. Any group having this amount of influence with a potential President is wrong.

                              Al has also done some questionable fund raising, but to a much lesser extent. At least Al has publically stated he is in favor of campaign finance reform. George W will not even mention it.

                              2. George W is BIG BUSINESS. When has big business ever been a supporter of the Fire Service. How many of you have fought, and fought, and been dragged to court by big business over fire safety code violations?

                              3. George W is anti-environmental. His head of the Texas EPA is the former lobbyiest for the Texas Chemical Industry. Texas has the worst environmental record of any state. Do you think George W would support Hazmat Regulations or work to protect firefighters who respond to Hazmat calls or Superfund Sites?

                              4. During the Campaign Al Gore aggressively attacked Bill Bradley, but he always treated him with respect. I will not forgive George W for telling outright lies, and attacking John McCains character. Doing such stunts as saying John McCain voted against Breast Cancer Research, or even worse, attacking Senator McCain's record as a vetern by bringing some phoney crank to the stage in North Carolina.

                              5. Several comments on this board have been about character. George W showed his lack of character by the way he treated John McCain. His ideas did not defeat McCain, his money did.

                              Many people have critisized Al Gore because of his relationship with Bill Clinton. Why, all Al Gore has done is been loyal to his boss and his organization. We in the Fire service know how important it is to have organizational loyalty.

                              Jack Webb


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