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    I am the chief of a department that the last chief was there for 20 some years. I am having troubles with him interfering with my authority and everything that I do. We were always best friends till the membership wanted to change. Any suggestions from others that have taken over from a long time chief.He does not stop me but just has negative about my decisions plus is always getting little jabs in. I hate to see our department going through this because the guys feel and see this. It has been 5 months and it continues.
    Thanks for your input and assistance.

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    This is not all that unfamiliar. The past chief may feel left out now that he is not Chief any more. Can you find some way to use his skills to your advantage?

    You may not be able to change his attitude but if you can get him concentrated on certain issues that he specilizes in, and ones that you are not so strong in you should be able to shift his energy from focusing on you to the problems at hand.

    Be as diplomatic with him as possible. Since the two of you were friends you may want to leave work aside and focus on repairing the freindship first. Let him know that it wasn't a personal attack on him and try to salvage the freindsip.

    Volunteer departments have a long standing history of being second families. Try doing things to promote that idea with him maybe he'll get the idea that you want to work with him not against him.

    Alex C.
    Canton Fire & EMS
    Canton, CT


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      I know how you feel I was thinking I would have the same thing but I was lucky that our old chief was able to keep his mouth to himself and if there was a problem he was good enough to speak to me off to the side.It is hard for people like that to cut out of the desicion making process after 20
      Is there any way of making him a training officer/safety officer to make use of his talents or something along those lines?
      Hope things work out and get better for you soon.




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