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    Hello everyone, we are a small rural fire company in Pennsylvania that relies on donations and fundraisers for funding needs. We want to replace our 1975 Hahn pumper with an Aerial-Pumper because of our communities changing demographics. However we do not have the funding resources available to purchase such a piece of apparatus.
    We are looking into obtaining grant money to supplement the payments but we are new at this game and have no idea where to even begin.
    If anyone knows where and how we can obtain grants please provide us your assistance, it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks everyone.

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    Do you know someone who is a grant writer by profession, check with the local school district, the local church system, or the local PD(probably the sheriff due to size). Check and see if they have done differnt types of state and federal grants.

    Check as to whether the state has matching funds available, or if low % loans can be done through the state. Do who have any large commerical industry that could put oout the money for the purchase, my volunteer department had the local fertilizer maker give us $$$$ for purchase of serveral appartus for free.

    Also, I would check with the NFA in Emmitsberg, Maryland, surely being the University of the Fire Service they would have excellent knowledge of where or who to contact.

    Also, many of the sellers of apparatus have a loan process, possibly this is a way to go.

    As far as apparatus and what to get, look at everything, be picky you are buying a customized peice of equipment that you will love for 25 years or yoou will be stuck with for 25 years your choice.

    I am sold on engines with Pierce Telesquirts, 1500 gpm with 65' TS. It took 8 years for me to be sold but I have seen the value of such, again consider what your needs are, what it will go, the bridges it must cross, turning radius, what you will need to do the job now and what you will need in the future. Hope I have helped. Don



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