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  • Remark on Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

    Listening at work to the nationally syndicated "Bob and Tom Show" I was forced to shake my head in disbelief, and roll the eyes as well.

    Their topic of discussion for the day was what has caused couple's and spouses to refuse sexual activity with one another (based on a comedy bit that they currently have running). Some genius from a volunteer Department, in Illinois I believe, called in to give her story of how herself, and her boyfriend were both on the Department, and once were interrupted by their pagers going off for a structure fire.

    She continued on by expressing regret that her boyfriend promptly left to go to the fire, and she was then relegated to going as well instead of being able to finish up.

    During the course of the conversation with the radio hosts, one of them remarked he hoped that his department would respond instead of passing up an emergency call for other activities. Her comment was something along the lines of "We have mutual aid. They could have handled it."

    I can only say a few things. For the sake of the fire service, please don't call a nationally syndicated show and promptly give the volunteer fire service a black eye, or the fire service in general for that matter! Please learn the uses of mutual aid, and why it is available, and for what it is available. Make sure your Chief, and Officer's don't mind having their area named on the radio, and thrown in the limelight.

    There are enough problems that the fire service as a whole has to deal with. It shouldn't have to waste time on icing black eyes received from poor statements.

    Just my opinion. Stay Safe.

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    Sounds like she may of wanted the mutual aid for herself.
    What if everyone was having sex at the same time and the dept. was toned out?
    Don't want to explain that one to the city council.
    Besides, you can't have a fire when you want but you can have sex when you want(ok maybe not)
    you get the point. just don't answer the phone during sex, that is bad.....


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