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  • 1 3/4" hose

    Hello All:

    We are currently looking at changing from 1 1/2" attack lines to 1 3/4". The advantages are extremly obvious in the GPM output from 1 3/4". Can anyone help with statistics on the 2 types, as well as where to obtain the information?
    Thank You


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    We recently did some comparisons on 1.75" hose that may help you. Here's the link




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      We have been using 1 3/4 hose for several years now. Don't forget about your nozzles. We have also changed to low pres. high volume nozzles. Take it one step further what about 2" hose if you are looking for more flow. We will be getting our new engine in 2 months and already have 2" inch hose on the rack. The 2" still uses 1 1/2 couplings. The thing you should do is buy, borrow or do whatever you can to obtain pressure gauges to do a flow test.


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        Captain John:
        sgfd put it best. DONT FORGET THE NOZZLE!
        It makes no sense to upgrade to bigger hose and use the same nozzle. Who ever tries to sell you hose I would encourage you to make them use either a smooth bore with a pitot or a calibrated (in you presence) flow meter to show the FL for numerous flows all the way up to 300+gpm.

        I have seen numerous hose demos where several brands our compared at flow rates of 100-150-gpm. Almost all of them are within a couple of pounds of FL for these flows. Take them above 200-gpm and you find the good stuff!

        As far as hose goes I would encourage you to not get all tied up in the inside diameter issue of certain hose that is sold as 1 3/4".

        IF you ordered a 300HP engine with your new rig and got a 350HP for the same cost would you care?

        My testing has found that all the brands being sold on the market use a standard 2 1/8 inch bowl coupling. This coupling has a 1 1/2 waterway. Snap-tite Ponn Conquest has the lowest friction loss of any I have tested and exceptional resistance to burns and a service pressure of 400-psi last time I checked.

        Before it starts: I DONT CARE WHAT THE ID OF THE HOSE IS! I only want to know what I need to pump to supply the nozzle on the end.....regardless of who's nozzle it is!


        Kirk Allen
        First Strike Technologies, Inc

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          ...exceptional resistance to burns ...

          Care to define exceptional? Nitrile rubber hose can hold a 1200 degree sodering iron for 2 minutes without penetration dry or wet. In fact dry 30 minutes will not pierce the hose. If I recall correctly 3 to 4 seconds at 1200 degrees and this stuff you suggest is toast. Kinda like an attack line used in the death of three firefighters. It really sucks when oyur line burns through.


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            First and for most, I am not a hose expert nor do I claim to have all the answers. My posts are simply my opinions based on my personal experience.

            The test used in Britan consists of a 1/2 inch metal cube heated to 600 C or 1112 F and then is placed on the hose which is charged but not flowing. The Hose I spoke of was tested for over 2 minutes and did not fail.

            The Bunsen Burner test consisted of a 3" flame placed 2.25 inches from the hose (Charged not flowing). After five minutes there was no failure....unlike numerous other brands that failed in less then 1 minute.

            The abrasion test using an Abrator reflected that the Conquest was able to go 50,000 cylcles before failure....unlike the the 3-5000 cylces of other brands.

            "Kinda like an attack line used in the death of three firefighters."

            Are you implying that the firefighters deaths were because of the brand hose they were using?

            How about Chicago... They have been using Conquest for several years and from what I have been told they are replacing all High combat hose from Angus. Is one better than the other? I'm sure the firefighters are smart enouph to figure this out

            OK Larry, now you can go ahead and anounce all the places that are using Angus hose, were all listening

            It appears that no matter what the subject is, you have all the right answers. The knowledge you can share is overwhelming

            This being the case...why not make a post that tells everyone what they should use, how they should test it, and when to replace it. Heck, you could wright a book on it!

            For those that want facts from the source on the Conquest hose please call Snap-tit at 1-800-387-7895.

            Stay Safe... and follow Larry's advice, he knows best!

            Kirk Allen
            First Strike Technologies, Inc


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              We have Ponn Conquest 1 3/4" (which we know is 2" really...but who cares ) And I like it.

              Have a great day.

              The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.


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