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Hale Pumps Dropping CAFS !!

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  • Hale Pumps Dropping CAFS !!

    Well, just when I thought I had a fairly good handle on what CAFS was, who the major players were and why my Town Meeting should give me the extra $50,000 above the cost of a normal engine to include it on our next purchase, one of my strongest arguments gets knocked for a loop.

    Every source I've read has talked about how CAFS is the future of the fire service. How effective it is. How ISO in some areas gives extra credit. Well, Hale Pumps has just sent out a mailing announcing they are dropping that product line completely.

    Strikes me that when one of the largest manufacturers of fire pumps in the US drops the line entirely there just might be something us common folk don't know! Is this a problem where the CAFS system is so complicated that the ordinary FF can't operate it properly? Is this a signal that we should be watching for other makers to bail out? How can anyone spend $50,000 on the "latest & greatest" when something like this happens?

    Any ideas?

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    Hmm, I haven't heard that Hale is dropping CAFS. There are some departments in my area that have it and like it. But, I do have a theory!

    There's a new Class A foam out there that isn't getting much advertising, just word of mouth and some stories in the press. It's called Barricade. It's made of some kind of water absorbing polymer that makes what they call "bubblets", rather than air bubbles. makes for layers of water. One layer evaporates off and there's still plenty underneath to keep on working, versus regular foam that has thin layers of water over an air bubble. The water evaporates and the bubble is done.

    I've only read about it, from there web site and from news accounts, so unfortunately I have no first hand experience. I heard a rumor that my department will be experimenting (maybe, possibly) with various Class A foams this spring. I'm looking forward to the tests.

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      Truckie, this is copied from a prior posting about Barricade. It's a protection tool only, not a suppression tool,

      ""...Is this similar to class A foam and useful for both protection and suppression?...

      Not really, structure fire protection only.

      ....Is this adaptable to ordinary fire service pumps?....

      No it is not, educt from the nozzle only not inline or an in line in the hose eductor. If you fail to head this warning, your whole hose will gel, pump and eductor/injection system. Nozzle eduction works well, it is messy but nothing does what it does.

      ...Does it require the use of compressed air like CAFS?...

      No but you can add air.

      .... The segment sounded impressive but I'm wondering about the actual details behind the story. Any info would be appreciated....

      It works better than anything on earth for structure protection, it is very messy, has to be educted just so. ""


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