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  • nominated for chiefs position

    ive been nominated for the chiefs position in our department. If i get the position im going to have to make alot of changes in our department so that things are done properly. how fast should this change take place. an how can i earn the respect of all the current officers an the ex chief? also getting the firemen use to the new way an them not thinking i have gotten the big head,even though that may be what it takes.

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    Make the changes gradually, as they are all completely new the the FF's. You have had time to think about them, they have not! Try explaining them as "I would like to try it this way to see if it might be safer (easier, etc)". Maybe try to include the former Chief in your ideas during the transfer. Most of all, prioritize these changes.

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      It's my opinion that posting your question and seeking advice is a clear indication that you will be taking the Fire Chief position quite seriously. It furthermore appears that you have intentions of being a good listener, are willing to learn, want to do your absolute best, and are willing to invest the time and effort needed to make the necessary improvements in your fire department.

      I'm sure that there are other members in your department that want to make many improvements too. (I prefer to use the word 'improvement' instead of 'change').
      Their desire to improve and your positive responses to them through word and deed may have fueled their nominating you. Don't let them down. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

      Don't change!! They nominated YOU, so stay yourself; do not try to be something you're not.

      Remember the old saying; 1/3 will like the job you're doing, 1/3 won't, and 1/3 doesn't care. You can't please everybody, so don't even try; make decisions, be fair, and never forget that cooperation, and respect, is a two way street.

      Let EVERYONE know what improvements must be
      made; in writing, and in the order of their priority. Set goals. Keep your door open.

      After three decades of firefighting I've found that nothing changes a person faster than the color of his hat. Don't let the color of your hat go to your head.

      Congradulations, and Good Luck!


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        I'm not really sure on how your department works, but if it is anything like ours the following might help you make the 'improvements' easier.

        Our Department has an 'executive committee' made up of the Chief, President, Secretary, and trustees'. The 'improvements' should go before this 'executive' committee prior to you putting them into place. This gives you a chance to explain why the improvements need to be made and how you would like implement the improvements.

        Once you have the executive board behind you they will be able to help you enforce your new improvements.

        If the FF's in your department see that the improvements are being backed by your executives,not just being 'Thrown' (in lieu of a better term) at them suddenly, they are more likely to meet them with less grumbling.

        Also, Don't make all of your improvements at one time. That causes more headaches. When with your executives committee give them all the improvements you'd like seen done and a time frame to complete them.

        The idea of having the ex-chief involved in my opinion is excellent. He might give you useful insight into your improvements - he may have wanted to see them done but knows why he never implemented them.

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          Great ideas!!

          I agree with the others. What I would add is this: The executive committee is a great idea. Make sure the committee is made up people that reprsent all members of the dept. such as chiefs, officers,FFs and possibly one of the younger members. We recently completly overhauled our whole departments line officer positions and training requirements. We thought we where going to run into lots of opposition but we did not. A committee of 6 people was appointed (representing most "groups" of members in the dept., we kept the membership informed of our thoughts and progress at the monthly meetings and allowed for questions and answers. When it came time for a vote, it passed almost unanimously. I believe the reasons are: the committee represented the majority of the members, we kept everyone informed, we listened to thier questions and input during the monthly departmental meetings and the I think the dept. was ready for a change (improvement).

          I am usually not a big fan of committees. They generally take too much time to get anything done and others complain they were not selected for the committee. But if managed properly, say by an ex-chief as chairman, and given a deadline for results they can be very effective. Plus, it does not appear as though improvments are getting rammed down the members throats by managment.

          Chances are many people feel the way you do and just don't want to make waves or take the time to do anything about it.

          Best of luck.


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            Bummer, dude! Now with that said, it looks as though you want to make some needed changes. Some good points have already been brought up and I'll only add one more. Make as many of the rank and file fire fighters feel that these improvements are their idea and they get to feel as if they actually have some input. Show that you will listen. I agree with BVFD, get the ex chief involved if fesable.
            Good luck, be safe...


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