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Reimbursement Costs???

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  • Reimbursement Costs???

    If your dept is eligible to be reimbursed for a call, what rate do you charge for men and equipment?

    Example; you respond to a brush fire that is caused by someone burning without a permit. It takes 2 pieces of apparatus and 10 FF's 4 hours to extinguish and overhaul. Judge slaps the offender with a fine and orders "restitution". What rate are you allowed to bill for your apparatus and what rate are you allowed to bill for your FF's?

    Remember, it IS as bad as you think and they ARE out to get you!

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    surely some of you out there are able to recover costs?
    Remember, it IS as bad as you think and they ARE out to get you!


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      While I don't know much about finance departments, I would have to say the very least you can expect would be ALL of the pay & administrative costs associated with having the firefighters there. We take home a certain amount of pay as a firefighter, but we cost the towns & cities a certain amount for insurance and various other administrative things. Whatever the hourly cost for each FF is, I would use that as the very least you charge. I would guess the town budgets certain monies toward wear & tear, along with routine maintenance from use. That expense might not be passed on to the offender, since taxes already pay for it. Others will know more than I do, but I think you have a great question going. Good luck!
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        Billing for calls

        In Illinois, we are allowed by state law to bill for services rendered to non residents. The maximum amount allowed to be billed is set be state law. I think we charge like $125.00 per hour for the engines and rescue, and $35.00 per hour per man for manpower.

        We have an interstate highway running through our district, and we spend a lot of time out there for 10-50's, and the people are usually never district residents, so we bill them. I think the average bill is about $400.00 - $500.00.

        In the case of a DUI 10-50, we are allowed $1,000.00 per state law, so that is what we get from them.

        In the case of restitution, we submit our bill to the court system, which will include anything from equipment & manpower, to food and other things we needed for the call. The judge decides on the amount we get, which is usually what we billed for.

        Also, we may bill a district resident/company for things above and beyond the normal firefighting range of things. One of our fires, a company bought all the hose we used at their site as it was pretty much ruined by the materials laying on the ground at their site. No hose to roll that day .

        Hope this helps, maybe you can check with your state to see if they have guidelines for this.


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          we have never billed anyone for any costs unless it is a hazmat incident and then under the SARA title act we can bill. I would have to look at the actual ordinance to find the numbers. But for everyday MVA;s etc we bill for the ride to the ER and thats it.......
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            We invoice for alomost all calls. The amount is based upon how many trucks are required. The fee is $150.00 per department vehicle.

            Vehicle Fires = 1 Engine
            Grass Fires = 1 Engine + 1 Grass Truck
            Structural Fires = 2 Engines + 1 Tanker + 1 Grass Truck

            We don't levy any emergency services tax on residents. The charges help offset department expenses for the Townships.


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              Billing is allowed here in Iowa and we take full advantage of it. The max we will bill is $1000.00 for a fire with most fires being 1/2 or less of that (Unless HAZMAT). We ran into a little resistance at first but it's getting better. We usually bill insurance companies directly.


              The above is a very good research project that was done on this topic. It is well worth the time to read it.



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                Todd, you're an Ace !! That's exactly the type of input I was looking for.

                Thanks. Excellent study.

                Remember, it IS as bad as you think and they ARE out to get you!


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                  Your Welcome.....but I must give credit to George Oster who actually took all the time to do this research project.

                  He sure made up our mind after reading his report.


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                    We will bill in a hazmat situation for any foam, diesel, oil dry, etc. that is used.

                    We also charge every non-resident $250 per car fire or accident in which the patient has to be extricated. This has only been in affect for a few months, but some people are upset with it. The money, however, goes into the village general fund.
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                      Here in Canada where i'm from in my county we charge the person in the county $300/hr per truck.


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                        Billing made easy

                        We used to do our own billing, but as a small volunteer department it was hard to stay on top of all of the paperwork.

                        We went with a third-party billing solution, Revenue Rescue. They made life a lot easier. Although we have to pay them a commission, we find that we actually get a lot more money out of their program because of the aggressive follow-up that they are able to do.

                        Their website is www.revenue-rescue.com

                        Best of luck!



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                          Where I'm from in Canada, we charge $300/hr per fire truck/tanker. $100/hr for the command vehicle. All those charges include the FF's wages.


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                            Well as a type 5 wildland engine the feds payus around 1600 per 24 hrs that must cove fuel wages and upkeep.. just rember that tire for my eng cost me 280 a peice also my crew men makes about 20.00 per hr we also have to pay for fuel and inshurnce and such.. it is not cheap but woth the time


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                              I'm a Captain from the St. Louis, Missouri area and would like to find out if my state allows our department to charge non-residents on certain type calls. Can anyone give me a website to go to. Thanks.


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