My name is Bryan Chase. I am conducting an applied research project that is focused on the application of the Fair Labor Standards Act 7(k) & 13(b) exemptions to nonprofit fire departments. I need help from as many fire departments as possible to provide valid results.

I am trying to gain insight about how including self-incorporated, nonprofit fire departments as public agents would affect the fire service. As nonprofit organizations, they mirror public agencies in practically every aspect. There is no information available regarding the incorporation status in the NFPA's US Fire Department Profile. Therefore, the impact is unclear and needs to be defined. The initial findings indicate the following:

? No identifiable cost will be incurred by any level of government
? It will have a nationwide impact of creating thousands of firefighter jobs
? It will assist volunteer departments with their transition to combination departments
? It will reduce community risk by adding new or additional full time firefighters
? It will increase the safety and efficiency of crews by adding these positions

A short ten minute survey has been prepared to collect the needed data. To participate in this survey, please copy the SureveyMonkey link below into your web browser. Thank you to everyone for your time and participation. If you would like a copy of the final results, please provide your information at the end of the survey.