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why are we held to a higher level then the police

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  • why are we held to a higher level then the police

    the police in in our towns do not do there jobs at all. i am sad to say it but its true my mother was attacked today. got out of the place where she was attacked and the cop try an get her wtf do we tell people to do this if the cops turn on the people who call us. the officer told her she should not have ran wtf why . WHERE ARE THE REAL POLICE AT? are our towns safe any more? sure if we need the police they come but do they help any one or hurt more? i called 2 time in my life an never once did the police help me! so back to what i want to know where are the police? do they still help the people who pay them? or are they on the bad guys pay roll. as a fire fighter in pa we have to do our job so why dont the police?

    sure if your speeding they come and if you are dui they come but a person is attack they try and bust the person an they jump emt for not doing there job WHAT ABOUT THE POLICE DONT THEY HAVE TO DO THERE.

    i know we need to work as a team here. but i want to know is are we teach people wrong that if you need us its better not to call us? we as firefighters and emt the police an our towns jump all over us " the emts that just sat back an let people die " but people are attacked the police dot do a thing for but try to pick them up. i know this is not firefighter stuff but it kinda is it make all us look bad. what do you guys think.

    firefighter kevin


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    I'm sorry for your mother...

    Here is what I think... try spell checking, use proper language and sentence structure. People will judge you by your command of language.

    I only understood the part where you state your mother was attacked. I hope she will recover.

    You ask why we (firefighters) are held to a higher standard. Higher than who or what? If you mean the cops... then I can't say I share your thinking. But I do agree that firefighters are measured by a different standard. It is apples and oranges my friend.
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      I agree with you we should always project the best possible image to the public. It is my opinion that the public does expect a higher quality of service and response than the police. I don't think this is a bad thing.


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        Sorry to hear about your mother.

        Firefighting is an honorable profession. People look up to firefighters. We do not shoot, taser or arrest people. Cops do. People do not mind if firefighters break down a door, since it means we are rescuing them and their family from danger. I guess we help people and they do not display fear towards firefighters, like they do Cops.

        Sad to say, but "when seconds count, the police are minutes away".


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          Just another crybaby who has gotten in here to belly ache and cry and expose the dirty laundry of his department, town or burg!

          It's not nice to tell tales out of school sonny!

          Go away troll!
          Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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            I don't even believe a word of this jackwagon's incoherent babble. Troll.
            Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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